Jessi Gives Her Male Haters The Middle Finger During Live Stream


Jessi isn’t afraid of expressing her opinions and isn’t afraid of setting people straight.

Recently the rapper performed at “Waterbomb 2017 Refreshed By Sprite”, she performed in a bikini top and was criticized by netizens for wearing a bikini whilst performing.

2 days ago she clapped back at haters and lashed at them for criticizing her performance in a bikini. Jessi held a live stream on Instagram and discussed her haters and made sure she put them in the right place. She said,

“They give me a finger. Bitch, i’ll give you one back, i’m not scared. I’m not scared, like, since when was I, when was I like an innocent girl, like, I never said I was innocent…”

Some knetiz are not receiving her response well because of her alleged “attitude problem”, meanwhile the international fans are happy that their unnie is fighting back and silencing haters.

My Reaction

Jessi is fierce! Lets put it out there!

She outspoken, feisty, herself, she behaves according to how she wishes to and she isn’t afraid of expressing her opinion.

Now, knowing the Korean public and watching them for so long had taught me a thing or two, Koreans don’t like celebrities with attitude. They hate them, they want to believe that their idols are the most innocent pure creatures created to be angels and bring happiness to the entire world, creatures who make no mistakes.

And if knetiz choose to pick on you, you’re not supposed to fight back, you must wait for things to cool down. Now be mindful I am not generalizing but a lot of knetiz (who comment online) hurt idols. Of course not all Koreans are like this, many Koreans have a life, unlike those shitty people picking a fight with Jessi.

That doesn’t make it any less of a problem for our rapper. I love her character and I admire her courage but I don’t know if she’ll be able to sustain a career with that attitude in South Korea.

She is way ahead of her time (according to South Korean standards), Koreans are not used to idols speaking out or back or defending themselves even when they’re wronged. They hate IT. Not to mention she’s a girl which makes it worse.

Jessi says she is able to take it in and she can fight back, I believe she can literally humiliate whoever dares to say this to her face, but these people hide behind masks commenting the worst things online.

I just hope the best for my Jessi; she is so talented she deserves it! But I am also partially afraid of how will her agency handle her honesty. Will the agency stand by her side or try to do something about it to stop her.

If your agency doesn’t have your back its bad in showbiz, that’s a fact! But I am so proud of her lashing out and calling them haters, I bet they’re scared of her, not many Koreans are used to girls being so feisty and (in your face) kind of girl.


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