A recent Instagram photo of Infinite’s Sungyeol shocked fangirls hearts.

On August 1, the vocalist of Infinite posted a jacked photo of his back to his Instagram and he looks amazing. In the photo he shows off his body and the improvement he went through since he made his debut as skinny Sungyeol.

In the photo he wrote this caption,

“Spent 8 months of dieting. Its hard to be steady. Now I don’t have body fat left hahaha. # Exercise # Waistwatch #Exercisestargame #Myhouseisagym.”

Fans are happy with how well Sungyeol is taking care of his body, he looks better than ever.

Meanwhile, fans have been waiting for Infinite’s comeback and are hoping that L (Myungsoo) will resign with the agency.

What do you think of the photo?

Is it getting hot in here or what? 😉


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