GOT7’s JB and Jinyoung Reveal They Haven’t Dated For The Past 5 Years


Great news to all the girls who think they have a shot with JB or Jinyoung of GOT7.

The two idols sat down for an interview and talked about the infamous JYP dating ban and how they’ve managed to keep their promise to JYP himself.

They were asked if they had ever dated, JB shared his response, he said,

“We had dating ban for 2 years as JJ Project and another 3 years with GOT7.”

It was revealed that JYP had made the men of GOT7 promise him they wouldn’t break the dating ban he had issued, to that Jinyoung said,

“It’s a promise. I think we should keep it if we made a promise.”

JB also talked about how even if they wanted to break their promise it wouldn’t have worked out, he added,

“I don’t we would have been able to date, we’re just so busy its impossible.”

We’re partially glad and partially sad that ori oppas have kept their promise.

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