GOT7 And BTS Rule The 5 Top-Korea Related Hashtags

Twitter Korea has released the top five Korea-related hashtags on August 23rd and they’re dominated by two of our favorite groups.

They tweeted out the top 5 hashtags and in the caption they wrote,

“Hashtags daily use on average exceeds the 100 million times. Korea-related hashtags  crown goes to both GOT7 and BTS. All the top 5 hashtags has keywords related to either of groups. #hashtag10”

The number one spot hashtag went to BTS and it was for their historical BBMAs win #BTSBBMAs, at number 2 was #GOT7, number 3 is #BTS (written in Korean), number 4 was #GOT7 (written in Korean) and the 5th top hashtag was #JIMIN, who is a member of BTS.

Congrats to both groups.

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