Fans Look Back At Ji Chang Wook’s Last Message To Fans Before His Military Enlistment

Fans miss Ji Chang Wook so badly lately, it has been less than 2 weeks since he enlisted to the military to fulfil his duty.

He had enlisted on August 14 and had chosen to enlist quietly without doing any press before his enlistment, but as expected fans had showed up to shower him with support as he left.

On August 12, the actor had cut his hair and his agency Glorious Entertainment shared 2 photos of his hair cut, the sweet short message he left with his own hand writing left fans in tears.

He had written, “I will comeback safely. Salute.”

He is currently receiving his 5 weeks of basic training before serving as an active duty soldier.

The fans miss the actor already so much! We hope he’s taking good care of himself!

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