[BREAKING] Lee Sung Kyung And Nam Joo Hyuk Confirm Their Breakup, Reason Unknown

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The unthinkable has happened!

Does real love even exists anymore? Because we’re not that sure it does!

Two of kdrama fans ultimate couple of 2016-2017 have officially split ways and we can’t even.

Various rumors early this morning spread like wild fire claiming that the two have broken up, YG Entertainment released a short statement assuring fans that they’re currently checking with their artists.

According to various sources the two reportedly grew further apart because of their extremely busy schedules, ultimately deciding to part ways because of it.

An hour later YG Entertainment released another statement that sadly confirms the news, to SportdongA they said,

“Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk have broken up and its true. They have recently broke up, we can’t mention the specific reason because its their private matter.”

The model-turned-actors have been friends for a long time, since their model days and have done commercials together before, they even starred into dramas together, in “Cheese in the trap” and most recently as lover in “weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”.

They started dating whilst filming and their chemistry was off the roof, they were one of the fans favorite couples in 2016, and their drama received lots of love from national and international fans alike.

Currently, Nam Joo Hyuk is busy filming the last episodes of “Bride of the water God” and has been busy with it for a couple of months now.

Lee Sung Kyung is currently working on her movie role debut in “Love Sling” and is also super busy with pictorials and many other things.

What do you think of this shocking news?

Did you see that one coming?

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My Reaction

What the hell?

That ended sooner that I had expected it to… they didn’t even date for a year! I am shocked and sad….

This makes you wonder, does love exist? It does ya’ll don’t give up, but it also comes and goes.

Seems like something bad has happened because YG didn’t site their busy schedule as the reason. Many agencies when confirming breakup say its because of busy schedules, YG chose to remain vague.

Man its gonna be awkward at company gatherings from now on! This is why I don’t specifically prefer to date a co-worker, it might become really awkward if we were to breakup!

Don’t worry, the two will carry on. A ship has sank beyond repair and is now at the bottom of the sea and there is nothing we can do to save it!

The best of luck to both of them!

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