[BREAKING] Hoya Officially Leaves INFINITE And Woollim Entertainment


The unimaginable has happened!

A couple of months ago it was revealed that INFINITE is in the process of resigning with their companies following contract expiration.

At first it was rumoured that the only member who hasn’t resigned yet was L (Myungsoo), but fans believed in him and waited for Woollim’s official announcement.

Only yesterday other rumors pointing that Hoya was actually the one who hasn’t resigned yet spread, but fans still believed he wouldn’t do it.

A couple of hours ago, Woollim Entertainment announced that Hoya was leaving INFINITE shocking everyone. In a statement they said,

“In June when Hoya’s contract has expired, Hoya (real name Lee Ho Won) has decided to take a different path to fulfil his dream. While discussing his contract renewal with the company, we and the members decided to respect the decision he made.”

They continued,

“Following much deliberation and having enough time to carefully make a choice, we have concluded that Hoya was to withdraw from INFINITE and terminate his contract with us.”

They also touched on which INFINITE members have resigned and said,

“The remaining INFINITE members Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Lee Sungyeol, L, and Lee Sungjong have renewed their contracts.”

Regarding what will happen now to INFINITE and the possibility of a comeback, they said,

“We are working hard on reorganizing as a six member group, we also plan on actively supporting their group and individual activities as we’ve been doing.”

They left with one final note asking fans to continue to support Hoya, they said,

“We ask of your unchanging support for all the remaining members of INFINITE as well as Hoya.”

This news shocked all kpop fans who have thought that INFINITE was here to stay as 7 members.

What do you think of this shocking news?Will you continue to support INFINITE and Hoya?

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My Thoughts

WOW! I am genuinely shocked!

Just yesterday news outlets said that Hoya was reportedly the only one who didn’t resign but I didn’t believe it.

But it seems like it was true… I am not an avid INFINITE fan but I love their music, its different and nice.

I don’t understand this to be honest with you, you see if more than 1 member didn’t re-sign then I’d understand, it might be because the group was not making much or not getting recognized etc. But only one member not resigning, that’s a problem…

Its his life and I will continue to cheer him on, but I can’t hide my disappointment, Woollim was good, they gave them a comeback and promoted them individually.

He was doing dramas since well before 2013 I guess, he was given his time to shine and they did him well, or so it seems.

This is gonna make him look so bad for all other fans, some will see him as the one who ruined INFINITE, but I get it, at one point we all want to follow our separate careers and do well on our own, and Hoya decided that it was his time.

Sorry if I come out a bit bipolar, but the fangirl part of me is really disappointed and sad, but the logical part of me understands him, so I am torn right now.

I wish him and the rest of the member the best, lets see how will his future unfold.


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