AOA Celebrate Their 5th Anniversary Without Choa

It’s a bitter-sweet celebration to all AOA and their fans.

The girls of AOA celebrated their 5th year anniversary on August 9 and member Hyejeong shared a photo of the 6 girls celebrating together.

#AOA #5주년 #ELVIS #고마워 #사랑해

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She wrote this caption in the photo:

 “#AOA #5th anniversary #ELVIS #Thank you #I love you.”

Fans were a bit upset Choa wasn’t present during the 5th year celebration, but the idol has confirmed her departure from the group and it was confirmed by FNC after negotiations.

Happy 5th anniversary AOA!

My Reaction

I don’t know guys, it kinda sucks to miss out on such important milestone.

I am I get it she’s currently trying her best to focus on her mental health but she made it this far with all those members and all those fans who supported her.

You can argue that she’s not in a good mental condition but gathering around and hanging with the girls she lead once is never a bad idea. Its also good to get out and see people I don’t think it interferes with your therapy path.

But it could be that she’s really busy or just feels sorry for leaving the group, there are countless of reasons, I know I shouldn’t be generalizing but I don’t know! I just think it’s a waste, make time for such important thing!

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