Devastating news has struck actress Song Seon Mi, her husband was murdered.

On August 21 at 11:50 a.m. KST, the actress husband was found bleeding in Seocho District and has passed away due to bleeding while on his way to Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital.

The police is currently investigating the murder and had already captured a possible suspect believed to be a young man.

According to various news outlet, the man arrested in 28 years old and was arguing with the husband, the husband was in the middle of a lawsuit regarding his grandfather’s inheritance.

The husband has agreed to give the man lots of money in exchange of helping him with his pending case of the grandfather inheritance. Since he didn’t give him the amount he promised him, allegedly the young man stabbed the husband to death.

The police are going to apply for an arrest warrant after examining the crime scene.

The actress is currently shocked and will provide a clear statement later. She has met her late husband back in 2006 and has married after dating for one and a half year. They had a daughter back in 2015.

Our condolences to the actress!

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