10 Times Your Favourite Korean Sweethearts Played The Bad Guy And Nailed It


All of your favorite Korean actors start from somewhere, and sometimes they start off by playing minor roles before elevating to play the second lead or the evil guy in the drama.

Some of them do so well being the bad guy, people become scared of them.

Life isn’t always fun with only playing the heroine, sometimes Koreans don’t mind playing the bad guy for a change.

So today, at jazminemedia.com we decide to take a trip down the memory lane and remind you of all the times you favorite Korean sweethearts played the bad guys.

Be careful, this list is filled with Spoilers.

Check out the video below and then comeback to read my comments about each actor and their devilishly amazing acting.

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1. Park Bo Gum

Park Bo Gum is a cutie and we can all agree to that. People just love him, everyone does, but his role in “Hello Monster” is what made me a fan.

You know me guys, I love psychological thrillers and dramas based on serial murders, so Seo In Guk and Jang Na Ra in one drama? Of course I was gonna watch.

I was shocked by this new actor I have never noticed before that was called Park Bo Gum. He looked so sweet and innocent but was a devil in the drama.

I just loved it, his performance was spot on and you could sense how desperate and lonely he was. The final episode of the drama was actually satisfying for me at least.

The drama does have some annoying moments here and there, but overall the entire cast performance gave it the realism I was looking for.

Seo In Guk playing someone who is partially a psychopath also made me happy. Each episode was interesting and entertaining to say the least.

I would like to see Bo Gum play another evil role in a movie or something. Its just far more interesting than seeing him play a normal nice character.

2. EXO’s Kyungsoo

I am not a huge fan of idol turned actors but Kyungsoo is an exception.

The guy is a genius actor, if you didn’t know EXO existed you’d have trouble believing he was an idol, he played the young serial killer in the drama that also featured a devil Park Bo Gum.

He also did an amazing job, he was creepy, scary and intelligent. He kept me on the edge of my seat and I wished he had more screen time. He made a special appearance in the drama, but nailed every minute of it.

The atmosphere leading up to why he committed the crimes can make any logical human being turn into the devil, “Hello Monster” is an underrated Seo In Guk drama that all of you must check out if you haven’t already.

His performance was just perfect! Back then I said he had such a bright future and look at him now.

3. Nam Goong Min

Guys! I miss Nam Goong Min playing the bad guy. “I Remember You” takes the cake.

He was a devil, a mean rude heir that you can’t stand, yet he had charisma that confused us all.

His spot on performance actually made Koreans scared of him. Yes! He was that good! He does play good characters right now, but I do miss him as a bad character.

He plays goofy characters these days, but he took on a serious role in his new drama Falsify, I watched it and felt that he was bland in it, and very 2 dimensional.

I just miss his devil roles. He is one talented actor and he deserves all the attention he gets, he had such a hard time becoming this famous and gaining this much love.

In the drama he overshadowed Yoo Seung Ho in the drama, he was not your typical spoiled brat, he brought the character to life.

A lot of people spoke of him and his great acting skills, and it was the role that made him who he is today.

Can’t we see him playing the mean guy again?

4. Lee Joon

I was introduced to Lee Joon through “Gap Dong”.

Back then I didn’t know or like kpop that much, it was not something of big interest for me, and back then I was less understanding when idols played roles in kdramas.

Mostly because they can easily ruin it! I have seen so many kdramas to know that the awkward actor in each one is the idol.

I thought Lee Joon was an actor, I was obsessed with his performance, he creeped me and captured my heart with his devilish smile.

When I google searched him I found out he belonged to Mblaq, I then started listening to some of their songs and loved it. But I did support his decision to leave the group.

When I saw him in variety shows I was shocked, I was reading comments about how shocked other people were but never really understood them, he put on a different character and was really fun to watch.

He completely switched things up with his performance in “Gap Dong” and in a way managed to make people forget that he was an idol, he’s also a good actor.

I didn’t like the ending of “Gap Dong”, throughout the drama I felt like the director was always one step away from killing him off, I felt like he was always hanging by a thread.

Yes! I admit I cried during the last episode. Now I am gonna remain mysterious on why I cried because it really doesn’t make any sense (that I cried!).

To be honest with you all, none of his other performances was as good or interesting as this drama. I still try to watch his dramas but I am not as interested.

He is currently a part of the very popular family drama “My father is strange”, I bet he’s going to win awards for his performance in the drama.


This is the one role in the entire list that I haven’t fully watched.

I did start watching “Iris” but then I opted out. Now I tried to watch it again but I failed, I just can’t stand actor Lee Byung Hyun.

But since I checked out the first couple of episodes I did see T.O.P but I really didn’t know who he was and didn’t care that much.

I remember he didn’t get many lines in the drama, and many people who recapped it talked about the little lines he got.

Did you guys watch this drama? Let me know what you think?

6. Yoo Seung Ho

Yoo Seung Ho is such a cutie.

He is one of the best child-turned-adult actors out here.

Man it was so difficult to watch “I Miss You”, guys I was crying most of the time, the drama is so emotional and demands tears to be honest with you.

The drama discusses such difficult topics revolving rape and much more and they did it so well. “I Miss You” is one of the best chaotic dramas.

I couldn’t watch the final episode properly because I couldn’t handle seeing my baby Yoo Seung Ho getting hurt.

I knew he was bad, I knew he was evil but I just couldn’t hate him. And may I say he did such a great job in the drama?

Park Yoo Chun and Yoon Eun Hye are pros, they are on another level and the drama demands so much of all its actors, Yoo Seung Ho was effortlessly perfect for the role.

He pulled off an older character really well; he did so well and didn’t seem lacking in front of those two pros. Not everyone can easily do that! They’re difficult to catch up to.

This was the drama that introduced me to him and since then I get excited about each drama he makes. He’s always giving his best and he’s here to stay.

7.     Lee Junho

Lee Junho is another great idol actor, in JYP I think its him and Jinyoung of Got7 that make up the best idol actors in the agency.

They’re both great and very professional; they manage to shed their idol image completely when acting.

I just loved how rude and annoying his character was in the drama, he was alone and mean to everyone else. He gave such depth to his character and he stood out.

He and Nam Goong Min have great chemistry together. It was one of the most fun dramas I’ve seen in 2017, I can’t wait to see Junho again in another project.

8. Choi Tae Joon

Choi Tae Joon is a great upcoming actor to keep under you radar.

He stole attention back in early 2017 with his performance in “Missing 9” and did very well in “Suspicious Partner” as well.

I enjoyed him “Missing 9” but I didn’t watch the entire drama, I read recaps of the drama and the ending didn’t look too good.

I won’t spoil it much for those who haven’t watched the entire drama, but “Missing 9” is one interesting kdrama.

I rarely see kdramas doing these types of scripts that explores the limits of human once they’re surrounded by nothing but water everywhere with little food supply.

He did impress me as well in “Suspicious Partner”, he was such a blast in the drama, although he wasn’t such a good character in that drama as well, he was a better one.

At least he didn’t kill people!


9. Shin Sung Rok

“My Love From The Stars” is considered one of the biggest kdramas of all time.

It features Kim Soo Hyun and an intriguing plot as well. But it was the villain of this story that kept me watching.

I remember back when the drama aired, people were so obsessed with it. It was all over the place and kdrama fans just couldn’t get enough of Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun.

I was one of the few people who weren’t too excited about the drama, I still think to this date that Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun don’t suit each other that well.

Jun Ji Hyun is clearly older than Kim Soo Hyun and that kinda bothered me. But it was the black knight Shin Sung Rok that kept me tuning in.

If it wasn’t for him, the drama wouldn’t be the drama it is today. He might be universally hated by mainstream kdrama fans but he brought the drama to life and kept it going.

The last couple of episode when he wasn’t present were very dull for me, I wasn’t so happy watching Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun crying all the time because they’re gonna have to leave each other.

He had such a dark aura around him and was a very interesting character, Park Hae Jin’s character was also interesting and nice to see.

I saw his other drama “Liar Game” which I’d also like to recommend, he also plays a bad character in that drama, he just really pulls it off.

There isn’t a dull moment when he’s on screen.

10. Dong Ha

Dong Ha is another upcoming actor you need to check out.

I didn’t know he existed until I saw him in “Chief Kim” he played the rich brat of the CEO, and he had good chemistry with Nam Goong Min.

However, it was his role in “Suspicious Partner” that really made me fall in love with him.

He’s such a great actor and of course was the drive of the drama, without him “Suspicious Partner” would’ve been just another dull rom-com.

I think he is set to become the next big thing, and now that more and more people know him, it shall be easier for him to transition from playing minor role into playing the second lead role.

I hope that with his next role, he’ll get more screen time.

So this wraps up our list of 10 Times Your Favourite Korean Sweethearts Played The Bad Guy. I hope you had fun watching the video.

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