Yoo Seung Ho Says He’ll Feel Like a Criminal If He Ever Dated Kim So Hyun


The ship of Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun might not be sailing after all!

The actor of the popular MBC drama Ruler: Master Of The Mask sat down for an interview to talk about his role in the drama and how he felt working with Kim So Hyun.

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In the interview he talked about the support he got from Kim So Hyun during the drama filming.

He also discussed the kiss scene that went viral of the two child-turned-adults actors.

Many people were concerned if the kiss was real, Kim So Hyun is a minor and six years younger than him, he said their lips only touched, he commented,

“I didn’t mean to do it but I had to, we were shooting at night and the director told me to pull her in by the waist. The scene came out pretty well and the director and camera worked made it look very real.

We really didn’t kiss, only our lips touched, but the camera work did make it look very real to all viewers.”

When asked if they’d ever date, he gave such a funny response, he said,

“I’d feel like a criminal if it happened!”

Kim So Hyun is a 1999 liner and is legally (internationally) is 17 years old and recently turned 18 years old, but is still considered a minor and kiss scenes with older co-stars has always been a topic of discussion.

How did you feel about their kiss scene? Did you like it? Or did you think it shouldn’t have happened?

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My Thoughts

Im gonna be honest with you guys! This is why I didn’t stick around for the drama to begin with.

If you follow me on my blog you noticed I reviewed the first couple of episode of this drama and said I won’t be probably sticking around to watch it.

The main reason is and will always be that I see Kim So Hyun as this young little girl who is still a minor. She is an amazing actress and I love her and she is phenomenal but pairing her with much older cast is yuk! Always has been and will always be considered yuk in my opinion!

Back in 2016 she was paired with Taecyeon, at first I watched because it was interesting but when it started getting romantic, I honestly felt like vomiting and as you might expect I stopped watching.

Taecyeon is 27 years old, at the time she was 16 going 17, do you realize how big of a gap that is? Or how disgusting it was to pair them to begin with?

Don’t get me wrong, but it was both disturbing and annoying to see that, I had to quit watching.

When I saw this drama which is melodramatic, I felt and sensed that So Hyun is not at that level yet, she is still young relatively lived a good life, hasn’t been exposed to severe heartache from a breakup, she can’t fully pull it off.

She said so herself, check out some of her older interviews before the drama aired she talked about this, I felt like she was lacking, I felt like she was acting way older than she truly was.

She looked like a kid stuck between adults trying to fool them into thinking she’s an adult as well. It doesn’t fool me, she has a child-like face and she looks really young, its clear she’s way younger than them, she looks like a highschooler (which she really is in real life).

Of course I knew there would be kiss scenes, there had to be, even if it was going to be once and them barely touching lips, I didn’t want to feel emotionally attached to a child actress latching on to hopes of seeing her kiss someone 6 years older than her, it almost feels incriminating.

I understand why Seung Ho would say that, he’d be called out if it happened, I can’t believe people would actually ship them together…

this comes back to an important discussion I like to start, why is Kim So Hyun aiming for such dramas to begin with? seriously? she could do so many dramas where she is either in high school or whatever, but she is getting roles written for someone way older than her, why?

I don’t know, it might be just me who think like that I guess…

what do you guys think?


  1. I think they would be a good couple..maybe 2 or 3 years after, it would be good to see them in a modern drama. I guess, the fact that Yoo seung ho is constantly paired to older females has led us to believe that he’s so much older for kim so hyun. We are used of watching Yoo seung ho play an adult person especially in ‘missing you’ and ‘remember’ while we were used watching kim so hyun as a high school student. With that status, watching them could be awkward at first but i believe they could be a good couple after a year or so:)

    • My comment is a little too late. 3 years after this post was posted dnnsns. But anyway, this is the problem with child actors when they’re trying to transition themselves as adult actors. They have years of experiences in acting but their roles become a bit limited due to their age. Some of them even got stucked playing the same high school roles until their 20s(see, Lee Hyunwoo) and the public mostly remember them as child actors and when they tried to play much older characters, they look like children playing dress up. Their image as child actors are very strong and this was even admitted by Yoo Seungho himself. He said it was very difficult for them to shed their image as child actors, hence, why they started young to challenge themselves with adult roles (and he even played a character as a married man when he was 17).

      I understand why Kim Sohyun and her team took this decision to play in much heavier drama. She wanted the experiences and also to break her image as a child actress. But this come to the expense of the child actors’ safety instead. Kiss scene between an adult in 20s with a teenager is of course very problematic and shouldn’t be acceptable. Even Sohyun didn’t know she would have a kiss scene with Taecyeon before that. This kind of scenario shouldn’t happen at all. What S.Korea need is a law that can protect the children from such situation

  2. I like the drama, it’s worth watching, I like them both, they were actors and actresses and I think what camera does good! As long as it’s for work and for me, they were both good in acting specially seung hoo


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