Yang Se Jong, Seo Hyun Jin, Jo Bo Ah And Kim Jae Wook To Work Together In “Temperature Of Love”


The cast of “Temperature Of Love” is finally taking shape.

A couple of days ago, it was reported that Block B’ P.O will be making his drama acting debut through the drama, it was also revealed that Yang Se Jong, Seo Hyun Jin, Jo Bo Ah And Kim Jae Wook were all in talks to join the drama.

It has been now confirmed that these four talented actors will be joining the drama. This is the second time Yang Se Jong and Seo Hyun Jin have worked together. They shared the screen in late 2016 early 2017 in the popular drama “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim”.

Seo Hyun Jin will be taking on the role of the writer Lee Hyun Soo, a confident and honest hardworking character who is gaining fame after writing for so long.

Yang Se Jong will be taking on the role of Ohn Jung Seon, a chef working at a michellen star restaurant who has graduated from French culinary school. His character relies on his instincts rather than his rational thoughts.

Kim Jae Wook is taking on the role of a genius businessman who falls in love with Lee Hyun Soo. He has a sharp eye and knows how to judge people, whenever he sets his mind on something he gets it done.

Jo Bo Ah is taking on the role of Ji Hong Ah, a girl from a wealthy family who is a huge fan of Lee Hyun Soo, she joins her as an assistant writer and ends up getting jealous because of her thriving life.

The drama is set to air after “Falsify” ends its run in September, and based of the novel “Temperature of Love”, the writer herself is also writing the screenplay for the drama.

The writer Ha Myung Hee has previously wrote the 2016 hit medical drama “Doctors” and worked on various successful dramas like “High Society” and more.

What do you think of the cast?

My Thoughts

My recent crush Yang Se Jong is back to action, the sweet handsome new actor is all over the place and has recently finished “Duel” which I loved so much.

He is so much fun and such a good actor, he is reuniting with Seo Hyun Jin unnie, I think she is a good actress but the age gap is too big… again! they are 8 years apart. Its too much!

I saw their chemistry in the popular “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim”, they fit a noona-dongsang relationship rather than a lovers relationship. So… I am already worried!

I wish they had picked a younger female actress, but it could be that the original novel is based on an older actress, so I can’t completly dismiss the casting choice.

I love the fact that Jae Wook oppa is making a comeback after the success of “Voice” but I am very upset of his choice. Again he’ll play the second lead, another handsome rich guy who falls for an average girl. He’s played so many similar roles before, seriously why is he still playing second leads is something I’ll never understand!

Jo Bo Ah has been in so many dramas where she is a jealous character. Enough already! Why isn’t she getting better roles?

So far the script is nothing that stands out to me, from the characters description I can already see the obvious script direction. Again, two hot gentlemen will fall in love with a talented yet poor girl, there would be a rich female who is super jealous and tries to ruin everything for her.

I hope that it won’t disappoint me though, fingers crossed. We can never fully judge until we watch the first episode of the drama. But to be honest with you I am already slightly disappointed.


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