“Suspicious Partner”, “Fight My Way”, & “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” End Happily With Marriage

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This week was a very busy week and a sad one to all kdrama fans.

This week marked the end of three of the best kdramas that entertained us this summer, “Suspicious Partner”, “Fight My Way”, “Ruler: Master Of The Mask”.

The three amazing dramas are very different from each other, yet there is one thing that they had in common, they all ended happily with marriage between its lead.

“Fight My Way” aired its last episode on the 11th of July, unexpectedly it was Dong Man (played by Park Seo Joon) and Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won) who got married.

The second favorite couple of the drama Seol Hee and Joo Man have been dating for about 6 years but only ended up getting back together without getting married.

Dong Man proposed to Ae Ra in the fighting ring and told her that he couldn’t live a day without her, she agrees to marry him with tears in her eyes.

In “Suspicious Partner” towards the end of the last episode Ji Wook (played by Ji Chang Wook) takes Bong Hee (played by Nam Ji Hyun) to the place they once broke up in.

This time he has a better thing to say, he looks her in the eyes and tells her he loves her, she replies back with “I love you too”, he then takes out a small diamond ring and slips it to her finger.

She asks him if he’s proposing and he nods in agreement, she asks why doesn’t he have a song ready for her, he is flustered by her request, she then gives him a kiss and says “even without a song my answer is YES”.

The amazing child-turned-adult actors of “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” also ended up getting married.

Lee Seon (played by Yoo Seung Ho) married Ga Eun played by (Kim So Hyun) got married in a lavish ceremony and were announced the new king and queen.

During the grand ceremony Lee Seon remembers all those good people who died trying to help him restore Joseon back to its glory and he says he won’t ever forget those who helped him fight for the throne.

Fans are already feeling sad after those three amazing dramas ended this week.

“Suspicious Partner” will be replaced by “United Worlds” the new comeback drama by Yeo Jin Goo.

“Ruler: Master Of The Mask” will be replaced with “The Man Who Dies To Live” a shorter drama with only 12 episodes.

“Fight My Way” will be replaced by “School 2017” the highly anticipated high school drama of the popular KBS series.

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