“Bride Of The Water God” is teasing us all for its fourth episode.

During the 3rd episode of “Bride Of The Water God” an unidentified individual drags Shin Se Kyung’s character So A to the rooftop and throws her from there.

Nam Joo Hyuk playing Habaek ends up saving her from danger finally convincing her that he isn’t a normal person but a God.

Due to that the incident, So A brought Habaek back home with her (as seen from the 4th episode teaser) and thus their on-screen romance is about to grow into new heights.

Photo credit: tvN

Habaek is seen shirtless holding So A very close to him, he is looking at her coolly as he usually does, So A seems rather surprised and a bit shocked to see a shirtless man so suddenly.

We cannot wait to see what will happen in today’s episode, have you checked out episode 3 yet?