Shin Se Kyung Admits That Krystal Appeared Beautiful But Cold At First

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“Bride Of The Water God” aired its first episode last night and started of with solid ratings.

On the 3rd of June, the drama main cast sat down for a vlive interview to talk about the drama and discuss their characters and much more.

Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Krystal, Gong Myung and Im Joo Hwan were all present during the vlive interview held by the reporter Kim Tae Jin.

Krystal honestly shared her thoughts on playing a goddess role saying that she felt intimidated by it even when she’s considered a goddess herself in real life.

Shin Se Kyung then shared her initial impressions of the f(x) member known to be the cool cold idol, she said:

“At first glance Krystal appears to be very beautiful, cold woman but in reality she has lots of aegyo in her”

She went on explaining that she makes her happy with her aegyo saying:

“The way she says “unnie, unnie” makes me excited to come to the set each day.”

Shin Se Kyung is almost 4 years older than Krystal, despite their age difference they seem to be enjoying each other’s company.

Krystal’s character is to be introduced in today’s episode and fans cannot wait to check it out.

You can check the vlive interview here.

Fans are intrigued to see what will happen in next episode of “Bride Of The Water God”.


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