Park Seo Joon Shares A Hot Shirtless Photo Of Workout Session


Park Seo Joon’s body is goalzzzz.

The hot actor-model is currently a part of the very popular KBS’s youth drama “Fight My Way”.

The actor shared a photo of the workout he does for his role in the drama, the body all fangirls are daydreaming about.


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On the 26th of June, he shared a photo to his workout with the simple caption “#고등만” which translates to Ko Deungman; ‘deung’ means back in Korean, he used word play here deung also resembles his character name in the drama Ko Dong Man.

The character he plays in “Fight My Way” is a taekwando fighter who becomes an MMA fighter, there are many shirtless scenes of Park Seo Joon’s chiselled body in the drama.

The actor is enjoying much popularity with his portrayal of Ko Dong Man in “Fight My Way” and is receiving much praise for his perfect kiss scenes with his onscreen lover Kim Ji Won.


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