Park Bo Gum Possibly Coming Back With A New Drama Written By The Hong Sisters


Possible good news for all Park Bo Gum fans.

Ever since the huge success of “Moonlight Drawn By Clouds” fans have been waiting to hear back from Park Bo Gum.

Reports of a possible Park Bo Gum return to the small screen spread online and fans are excited.

Park Bo Gum might star in the Hong sister’s new drama “Hwayugi” which is set to be broadcasted on tvN.

His agency “Blossom Entertainment” commented on the reports stating that they’ve indeed received the casting offer but he’s still looking into it and has not made any decision yet.

The Hong sisters have written many good dramas across the years including “My girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox” and “Mater’s Sun” and many others.

Their last drama project was back in 2015, in the drama “Warm and Cozy” starring Kang So Ra and Yoo Yeon Seok.

“Hwayugi” will be their first drama comeback in 2 years and is a fantasy romance drama retelling the story of “Journey To the West”.

Actor Cha Seung Won is also considering the offer to star in the drama.

Would you like to see Park Bo Gum in a drama again?



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