Nam Joo Hyuk Wants “Bride Of The Water God” Writer To Know He Has Fear Of Heights


“Bride Of The Water God” is set to air its first episode later today, and the main cast of the drama sat down for a vlive broadcast before it airs.

During the vlive broadcast, Nam Joo Hyuk wanted to rely a message to the writer of his upcoming drama “Bride Of The Water God”.

He talked about how hard it was for him to film some of the scenes of “Bride Of The Water God” saying

“There are some scenes in the drama where I have to be hanging in the air from a wire, its so scary because I have fear of heights. I wish the writer hears this.”

Krystal and Gong Myung also agreed with him saying that those scene were a bit difficult to do.

While Shin Se Kyung said that she actually enjoys hanging in the air from a wire saying:

“It’s a bit difficult [physically], but its actually really fun, I imagine how well will the scene look after computer graphics are added to it.”

Dear writer, please take ori oppa Nam Joo Hyun complaints into consideration!

Will you be tuning in to see “Bride Of The Water God” today?


My Thoughts

Today is D-day ya’ll, in a couple of hours the drama will air its first episode.

Of course, I will be reviewing the first two episodes of the drama and will continue to review some of the best scenes of the drama (if I continue watching).

If it includes lots of wires then I really hope the graphics turn out well, this could become so cliché if done wrong.

tvN has lots of hope for this drama, its already being compared to Goblin even though it really has nothing in common with it.

Lets hope that its worth the hype tvN has promised!


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