Lee Joon Gi’s New Drama “Criminal Minds” Starts Off With Solid Ratings

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Great news to all Lee Joon Gi’s fans.

The highly anticipated tvN summer drama “Criminal Minds” is off to a great start.

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The Korean remake of the popular American crime series of the same title premiered last night and drew in audience.

According to ATAM, the first episode of the drama rated an average of 5.19% in Seoul metropolitan area, its highest viewer rating during the entire episode was an astonishing number of 6.56%.

Considering the fact that the drama is a cable drama such ratings is considered good, when comparing it to “Bride of the water God”, it passes it.

“Bride of the water God” is currently wavering between the 3% and 4% ever since it aired its first episode earlier this month.

“Criminal Minds” marks the present day drama comeback of Lee Joon Gi, who has been doing historical dramas for the past 4 years. It includes a Steller cast including Moon Chae Won, So Hyun Joo and many others. The drama airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. KST.

Have you checked out the first episode of the drama yet? Did it live up to your expectations?

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My Reaction

I am happy with the good news, finally it looks like tvN can breathe. Almost all of its dramas of 2017 struggled with ratings and many didn’t live up the expectations.

“Bride of the water God” is a disappointment, and the majority of the other dramas struggled with ratings.

Finally a drama premiere and gets 5%, that is considered great, I expect the drama to rate higher for today’s episode.

I have not watched it yet, but I will and I will recap and review it.

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