Krystal Admits She Felt Intimidated By Her Goddess Role For “Bride Of The Water God”


“Bride Of The Water God” aired its first episode last night and started of with solid ratings.

On the 3rd of June, the drama main cast sat down for a vlive interview to talk about the drama and discuss their characters and much more.

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Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Krystal, Gong Myung and Im Joo Hwan were all present during the vlive interview held by the reporter Kim Tae Jin.


Krystal introduced her character to the public saying:

“I play a goddess who decended to earth to help human keep and manage the water supply, she now lives amoung them as an actress.”

The reporter Kim Tae Jin then asked her whether its easier to play this role since she’s familiar with it, saying “It must be easier to play a goddess image since you have that image right?”

Krystal replied saying:

“No, its actually intimidating, it still is.”

Im Joo Hwan then introduced his character saying:

“I wanted to become a God, but I’ve become a human instead. My character named Shin Hoo Ye means I am a descended from the Gods.”

Shin means God in Korean, while Hoo Ye means descendant.

Im Joo Hwan’s character was introduced in the first episode of the drama through a short but impactful encounter with Shin Se Kyung’s character.

Fans are intrigued to see what will happen in next episode of “Bride Of The Water God”.

Were you shocked that Krystal made this remark?

We can’t wait to see Krystal’s character in today’s episode of “Bride Of The Water God”.

Here is the link to watch the entire interview.



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