Seems like Kim Soo Hyun’s New Movie “Real” isn’t getting good reviews as expected.

The movie premiered on the 28th of June and was highly anticipated because of its star-studded cast including Kim Soo Hyun who is making his grand return to cinemas since 2013 in “Secretly Greatly”.

The movie was highly marketed and included Sulli’s first appearance in a movie as an actress since leaving f(x).

Yet due to the very high expectations, the public didn’t like the movie at all, it received some very bad negative reviews from many netizens, some even went ahead to call it “one of the worst Korean movies of all time.”

On Naver movie portal site, people left very bad reviews of the movie, it received an average of 4.86/10 stars from people who saw it.
Source: Naver Movie

“Real” is an action noir film who tells the story of Jang Taryeong played by Kim Soo Hyun who runs the underworld, he dreams of opening a casino, his life changes one day when he meets a former detective reporter.

Have you watched the movie “Real” yet?


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