Kim Ji Won sat down for an interview to talk about the times her “fight my way” co-star Park Seo Joon made her heart flutter for real while filming on the set.

The two played long-time friends who become lovers in the highly praised popular KBS drama “fight my way”. Kim Ji Won opened up,

“The drama talks about childhood friends becoming lovers. I don’t have lots of long-term male friends so it did made my heart flutter for real at times. But I don’t believe Dong Man and Ae Ra were ever just friends to begin with.”

Fans were blown away by their amazing chemistry in the drama, about that chemistry Kim Ji Won said,

“Chemistry is key, it becomes more natural as we become closer with time. I learned a lot from Seo Joon oppa, he has lots of ideas and is fun to film with. So it made me feel more excited and energetic on set.”

She also revealed the scene which made her heart flutter the most, she said,

“The scene in which he pulled me in during the bar scene was the scene that made my heart flutter the most. It looked great on set as well.”

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