Kang Ha Neul Confirms Military Enlistment Date, Withdraws From “Bad Guys 2”


Sad news to all Kang Ha Neul fans!

The actor has finally confirmed his enlistment date, he will serve in South Korea’s Capital Defence Command, he will be enlisting on the 11th of September!

He will serve as a motorcycle military police in charge of guarding important personnel as a security escort. This is a very delicate position and requires screening, interviews and physical evaluation to properly select someone fit for the service.

As results of his sudden military enlistment date confirmation the actor had to withdraw from the upcoming drama squeal of OCN “Bad Guys”.

A source from OCN revealed that they were not able to adjust the filming schedule to fit the small time frame left before his enlistment date.

For now, Kang Ha Neul will focus on his upcoming film “Midnight Runners” promotions alongside Park Seo Joon before he enters the military.

Source: (A)


My Thoughts

Omgggg! Don’t leave oppa! Please don’t!

The news came so suddenly, I was actually excited to see him in “Bad Guys 2” even thou I was sad they replaced the entire cast.

Its because everything was revealed so suddenly, I understand why he had to withdraw, they can’t fit the schedule to only match the little time he has left not to mention the fact he has to promote his movie with Park Seo Joon oppa.

We’ll see him back in June 10th 2019, until then I will be checking out photos of him, missing him and waiting for him!


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