Ji Chang Wook Says He’s Satisfied With How “Suspicious Partner” Kiss Scenes Came Out

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Ji Chang Wook has held his first vlive session through his agency vlive account “Glorious Entertainment” yesterday to talk to fans and discuss his future plans.

He talked a lot about the drama “Suspicious Partner” he’s currently filming and answered fans questions.


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He was asked by a fan what was the most beautiful scene throughout the drama shooting, to which he gave this sweet answer saying

“I think the melodramatic and kiss scenes were written beautifully. I am very satisfied with everything, and Ji Hyun pulls each scene perfectly like an adult. So each scene in the drama is coming out beautifully.”

He was also asked about what he’s preparing for the concert, but he wanted to keep it a secret and asked the fans to wait for the concert and see.

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He did say that he’ll be holding many events and will sing lots of song and that he’s preparing for the concert really hard.

He was then asked about how special “Suspicious Partner” is to him, to which he said:

“Its my first rom-com and my last drama before enlistment, it’s a very special project for me and one that will linger in my memory. So I am doing my best filming with no regrets.”

You can check out his full interview on vlive here.

Have you been following “Suspicious Partner”?

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My Thoughts

Me and you both oppa, me and you both are happy with how the kiss scenes came out to be.

Such a cute interview you can’t help but love the actor answers questions and how happy he seems with the drama.

I guess he wanted to say only kiss scenes, but you know that would be pervert like so he added “melodramatic scenes” 😉

But when he said Ji Hyun pulls scenes off like an adult my ship drowned a bit, it seems like he think she’s a kid, well… she is… she is a 95 liner, he’s a 87 liner, of course he’d think she’s a kid.

That was one funny comment, but I loved the vlive of him, I just hope that he does one more before he leaves for the military.

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