Ji Chang Wook Says He Doesn’t Treat “Suspicious Partner” Differently Because It’s a Rom-Com

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Ji Chang Wook has held his first vlive session through his agency vlive account “Glorious Entertainment” yesterday to talk to fans and discuss his future plans.

He began by saying hi to the audience tuning in and asked them to press heart in support and got right into answering questions written by fans.

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He was first asked “Why did you film a rom-com now?” to which he said that he has heard this question quite a lot.


He answered:

“I just happened to have filmed it. I am having a lot of fun filming Suspicious Partner. I am really happy right now.”

He was also asked about how he feels filming a rom-com to which he said:

“When I film dramas I don’t change my mind because it is a rom-com. I just enjoy the process and have fun filming.”

He was also asked of what he feels during crying scenes, he answered:

“I honestly don’t think of anything else. I get invested in how sad the character is and how much pain he’s in. If I focus hard, I also get sad.”

He was also asked if he acts cute like No Ji Wook is when he’s drunk, he said “It depends on the person I am with and where I am, sometimes I act cute, but not in front of guys. I don’t have drinking habits.”

He was also asked about how he spends his time after he finishes shooting for the day.

He said:

“I have an upcoming fanmeet. I will probably start preparing a week before. Im going to prepare well and meet you all.”

He also said that after the fanmeet ends he doesn’t have any schedule, saying “Im going to rest before heading out to the army.”

You can check out his full vlive interview here.

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Source: Vlive.com

My Thoughts

Oppa! 🙁 we’re gonna miss you so much!

I really enjoyed watching his first ever vlive, he was so cute and nice and kept calling out fans name because they asked him to, he was the sweetest.

I do understand his approach to rom-coms, he is such a pro, I am currently enjoying the drama so much, I appreciate him taking on different roles.

Its nice that he’s not trying to be type-cast into one type of role, he is a pro and does well in everything. I am not excited about his impending military service. 🙁

Will miss you oppa!

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