The first script for the highly anticipated MBC drama “Hospital Ship” was held on the 10th of July.

Director Park Jae-beom-II, writer Yoon Seon-joo and actors Ha Ji-won, Kang Min-hyuk, Lee Seo-won, Kim In-sik, Kwon Min-ah, Kim Kwang-gyoo, Jeong Kyeong-soon and Lee Han-wi participated on this day.

Before the script reading began, the director of the drama made a small speech after that the actors who were chatting suddenly turned very serious as they were reading their scripts.

Ha Ji-won takes on the role of Song Eun-jae and this will be the first time she takes on a doctor role in a medical drama.

Kang Min-hyuk takes on the role of Kwak Hyeon, a warm hearted doctor while Lee Seo-won is a Kim Jae-geol, a Korean medicine doctor.

The three main characters are set to form a team that help each other out while learning to become better doctors.

Kim In-sik takes on the role of dentist Cha Joon-yeong, Kwon Min-ah a nurse named Yoo Ah-rim, Kim Kwang-gyoo is Choo Won-gong, the hospital manager, Jeong Kyeong-soon is a veteran nurse named Pyo Go-eun and Lee Han-wi is the captain of the hospital ship named Bang Seong-woo.

“Hospital Ship” will be about a team of doctors communicating with island people who lack medical help doing the best they can to provide help.

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My Thoughts

Well… Lee Seo-won is a 97 liner.

Kang Min Hyuk is a 91 liner and Ha Ji Won is a 78 liner, the age gaps are too big, they seem like they could be her little brothers….

I am not so happy about the pairing to be honest with you,  Ha Ji Won clearly looks older than Kang Min Hyuk who already has a baby face, this doesn’t help at all.

I think Ha Ji Won looks amazing, I love her, but she’s paired with an idol actor and an upcoming newbie actor who hasn’t been doing dramas for that long. I just think she deserves an older more experienced cast of her weight, not these cuties to be honest with you.

The plot seems interesting and its her first time in a medial drama but I am honestly still not so sure about the cast, will it feel awkward? Will I be able to tell that they’re way younger than her?

I fear the large age gaps because they can really influence chemistry in a bad way and make the cast feel awkward around each other.

How do you guys feel about the pairing?