Fight My Way Is Number 1 In Content Power Index Ranking For The Month Of June

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Seems like there is a new king in town and it’s non other than the popular KBS drama “Fight My Way”.

The drama rose to the number one spot on the CPI ranking for the fourth week of June according to the content power index developed by Nielsen Korea and CJ E&M.

The drama finally broke the reign of Mnet’s “Produce 101” which held the first spot even after the show ended (topping the chart for a total of 11 weeks).

There is also another drama in the ranking and that is also the popular SBS drama “Suspicious Partner” at number 5, aside from that almost the entire top 10 are variety shows.

Here is the top 10 list:

  1. “Fight My Way” (KBS) – 266.2 points
  2. “Infinite Challenge” (MBC) – 261.1 points
  3. “Radio Star” (MBC) – 237.0 points
  4. “I Live Alone” (MBC) – 229.0 points
  5. “Suspicious Partner” (SBS) – 228.5 points
  6. “New Journey to the West 4” (tvN) – 224.5 points
  7. “Trivia” (tvN) – 220.7 points
  8. “Happy Together 3” (KBS) – 216.4 points
  9. “Immortal Songs” (KBS) – 216.0 points
  10. “Law of the Jungle” (SBS) – 215.2 points

Congrats to “Fight My Way”.

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  1. When and how did this happen? Was there a vote or viewer ship rating. Lots of questions unanswered we’ll like to know. Fighting.

    1. this does have to do with the ratings of shows but its not everything, the study is done measuring engagement of audience as well alongside many other things. Please refer to the source of the article for more information, this study is done by CJ E&M and Nielsen Korea each month. Ratings (another subject) are only done by Nielsen Korea.

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