“Fight My Way” ended on a high note last night.

It was a happy ending for the entire cast of “Fight My Way” and the show ended with a bang.

According to Nielsen Korea the final episode rated 13.8% which again nailed the drama the first spot.

MBC “Lookout” rated 9.3% and 10.2% coming in second place, unlike it usually came in last place, this is probably due to its shocking ending, while SBS “My Sassy Girl – Drama” rated 7.7% and 8.7%.

This week was the last week to both “Lookout” and “Fight My Way”.

Next week the highly anticipated drama “School 2017” will take over “Fight My Way” spot, while “Kings Love” will take over “Lookout” time slot.

The ending of “Fight My Way” was very satisfactory as Park Seo-joon and Kim Ji-won-I got married while Ahn Jae-hong and Song Ha-yoon got back together.

Have you checked out the final episode of “Fight My Way” yet?

What did you think of it? The drama will be missed!

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