“Fight My Way” Cast Talks About Their Feelings For Each Other And Thoughts About The Drama

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“Fight My Way” may have ended recently but it will forever remain in our hearts as one of the best 2017 kdramas.

Recently KBS celebrated the end of the drama by releasing never seen before clip from a press conference that was held last month in Yeouido, Seoul, South Korea.

During the short clip the actors expressed their feelings about their characters and opened up about each other.

Park Seo Joon opened up first and talked about a line from the drama that he liked a lot, he said:

“There was a line in the drama that says, ‘Even if I don’t have any dreams, the world will still go well’, after recalling that line I feel like my existence is as small as a dust in this world.”

Kim Ji Won discussed how she truly felt when she first read the script, she said:

“It seemed like everyone lived so well, all of them have different stories to share.”


While, Song Ha Yeon talked about her partner Ahn Jae Hong, she said:

“I think I’ll remember him in the future, he is an actor I’d like to meet again in the future.”

You can clearly notice that Ahn Jae Hong blush a little after hearing those words from his on-screen girlfriend, he replied:

“Song Ha Yeon is a considerate person, she used to give me tea when my face was swollen, and also gave me aroma oil when my nose was blocked, including many other things.”

Have you checked out the final episode of “Fight My Way” yet?

Are you going to miss the drama?

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