CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk Says Krystal Was His Favorite Female Co-star

We ship Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal so hard!

The popular idol-turned-actor guested on “Video Star” to talk about many things including his upcoming movie alongside Lee Seung Gi.

He took on his first historical drama role in “Marital Harmony” which is slated to air later this 2017.

He talked about how Lee Seung Gi was helpful to him, he said:

“I was actually scared to star in my first historical work, but Seung Gi gave me advice and treated me very well, I was thankful to him.”

He was asked about the female stars he has worked with and was asked which one he preferred the most, to that he gave this sweet answer, he said:

“Out of all the actresses I worked with, I liked Krystal the most; she was like a little sister and was so cute on the set.”

Did you like Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal together in “The Heirs”

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