“Bride Of The Water God” Records Lower Ratings For The Second Episode Despite The Hype


Seems like “Bride Of The Water God” isn’t off to a real good start just yet.

On the 3rd of July, the first episode of “Bride Of The Water God” aired on tvN and many fans tuned in.

Sadly, on the 4th of June episode less people tuned in to see the developing romance between Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung on “Bride Of The Water God”.

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The 2nd episode recorded a lower ratings number; according to Nielsen Korea it recorded 3.8% which is 0.2% lower than its previous episode.

“Bride Of The Water God” is receiving mixed reviews to its premiere which was hyped by tvN so much ahead of its release.

The second episode talked about Shin Se Kyung attempted suicide following the death of her father, Nam Joo Hyuk’s character being kissed by an angry ex-servant of the Gods, and the two leads also shared a hug by the end of it.

Have you watched “Bride Of The Water God” yet?

Source: Nielsen Korea

My Thoughts

Do I understand the reason for the lower ratings? I do! Do I think it’ll pick up? I don’t know its too early to tell.

I will be releasing the recap and review of the two episodes today and I will discuss my opinion in greater details, but I still do think it’s a bit early to tell whether it’ll be a tvN success or not, but it seems like some people are a bit disappointed!

I have seen many people giving mixed reviews for the drama for the past two days. Some loved it, while others hated it and everyone has their reasons.

What did you think of it?



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