“Suspicious Partner” Records Its Lowest Ratings In A While, “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” Stays At Top


A tough start for the first half episode “Suspicious Partner” this week.

The drama “Suspicious Partner” has been enjoying increased popularity and was actively competing with “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” for the number one spot.

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But it seems like this week the gap between the two dramas grew further as “Ruler: Master Of The Mask” came at top again.

“Ruler: Master Of The Mask” rated 10.1% and 12.2% according to Nielsen Korea.

While “Suspicious Partner” rated 6.7% and 8.6%, this is a decrease from its last week’s episodes.

Queen For 7 Days came in at last spot with 4.7%.

Which Wednesday-Thursday drama have you been following?

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My Thoughts

I haven’t watched the episodes of suspicious partner yesterday’s episode so I cannot judge but whats up with the very low ratings?

Its been a while since they saw the 6% mark, they were even nearing Ruler master of the mask… what happened?

It seems like the Korean public isn’t so much into any Wednesday Thursday dramas.

Ruler master of the mask is stuck at its ratings when I thought it would go up, but it seems like it garnered its audience and is keeping it, no one new is tuning in, when you’d actually expect that it would increase, but it has been stuck with 12% for a while now.

While suspicious partner continues to be stuck in a roller-coaster of ups and downs, queen for 7 days has been also losing its audience. Its a pretty sad story, but it doesn’t mean that the dramas aren’t fun, but the Korean public is just not tuning in as much as I had expected.


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