Seo In Guk Officially Exempted From The Military Amid Huge Health Issue


Actor singer Seo In Guk won’t be completing his military service duties after all.

He has been exempted from the national service because he given a grade 5 in physical examination due to his illness, the actor singer has osteochondritis.

Osteochondritis causes bones under the cartilage to disappear because of necroses. This illness is commonly caused by injury to the ankles such as sprains gained during exercise.

The major symptoms of this illness includes swelling, pain and it usually results in a sound that the joints make as someone goes up and down stairs, the patient also feels pain even when not moving much.

It is also shocking to know that about 70% of young men in their 10s to 30s suffer from osteochondritis including soccer players and baseball players as well.

Seo In Guk’s agency made a public announcement stating this fact on the 14th of June.

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My Reaction

A part of me is happy that In Guk oppa won’t disappear from the small screen for two years but a part of me is very sad about this news as well.

The actor tried his best to serve the military and was even sent home for osteochondritis.

He had what I think were two medical exams and this results came out because it was impossible for him to serve under such conditions. In case you guys didn’t know it is very difficult to get exempted from military unless it was serious.

I just hope oppa gets the rest he needs and that he focuses on fixing this issue for now before choosing to come back with a new drama. I think he won’t probably make a comeback drama or single this year.

Get well soon oppa, I will be praying for you.


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