Sandara Park Changed Her Makeup Style Because Gdragon Called It TACKY?

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The fashion icon Gdragon words cannot be taken lightly, not even by the great Sandara Park.

Sandara Park revealed something very shocking during a broadcast beauty program a while ago.

She was one of the panellists of Onstyle’s “Get It Beauty” and she shared a time when she was teased by Gdragon for the makeup she wore.

During the show, she shared her personal makeup tips and talked about how she prefers natural makeup saying:

“Even if it’s a bit messy, the makeup will still look pretty.”

She then confessed that Gdragon’s remarks about her makeup in the past made her change her mind on the way she wore makeup forever.

She said:

“I went to a club in full make-up and G-Dragon said, ‘Thats tacky. Who goes to a club in a full make-up nowadays?’”

Ever since then Dara admitted to doing lighter makeup style that suits her better.

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My Reaction

Well… it doesn’t matter if its Gdragon or whoever, if someone came up to me saying this, they’d be punched in the face, that’s what would happen!

Especially a guy! It doesn’t matter if you were Gdragon…

But I guess its because GD and Dara are friends he feels comfortable enough to tell her it looks tacky, tacky is not a nice word to use Gdragon!

I happen to like stronger makeup, but it does depend on my mood, sometimes I would go lighter sometimes darker, I don’t need to be told by a man what to wear or not!

I think Dara would look great wearing heavy or light makeup, but light makeup does make her look a lot younger, which is why many Koreans tend to prefer light to dark makeup, you rarely see Korean actresses going with dark makeup out and about.

What do you guys think of what GD said to her? Do you think he was a bit too harsh?

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