Park Hyung Sik Coming Back With A Drama Alongside Seo Hyun Jin?


Park Hyun Sik coming back with a drama already?

The rising star of 2017 has been in the news for possibly starring alongside the respected actress Seo Hyun Jin in a new romance drama.

His agency stepped up to clear up all the rumors surrounding his next drama choice which was the interest of many following Strong Woman Do Bong Soon success.

He was rumoured to have been cast in the upcoming SBS romantic drama “Temperature Of Love”.

UAA (United Artists Agency) said:

“It isn’t true! Park Hyung Sik hasn’t been cast in ‘Temperature Of Love’”

Earlier, it was also reported that actress Seo Hyun Jin is looking into the script, her agency has confirmed that the actress is still looking through the offer.

“Temperature Of Love” is set to air after “Manipulation” which will air after “My Sassy Girl” finishes its run.

Are you disappointed by the Park Hyung Sik’s agency announcement?

What role would you like to see Park Hyung Sik play next?

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My Thoughts

I was just as disappointed as the rest of you who read this article.

Looks like it’ll be a while before we see the hot oppa Hyung Sik back with a new drama role.

I think he’s quite busy right now with whatever advertisements and fan meetings he has after the success of the drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

I think he won’t do anything until later this year, probably this fall, around September or October but you never know.

I am glad he isn’t starring in this drama; I don’t think he’d make a good couple with Hyun Jin unnie. I just wish he’d take on a better role next, something a little different from his role earlier this year.


  1. iIagree with admin. yes I am glad he isn’t starring in this drama. but wecanot do thing if he next accept work in this new drama.though Seo Hyun Jin is 8 year bigger than him. if he accept work in this new drama . I will support him .i will support #parkparkcouple #parkboyoung #parkhyungsik #parkcouple #puppycouple #bovely


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