GOT7 Jackson Shocks Fans By Admitting That He Regrets Going On Variety Shows


GOT7 Jackson opens up about his personal struggles with variety shows in a rare interview.

The popular variety show idol expressed how people misunderstand him because of his “fun guy” image on variety shows.

He even expressed his regrets to have done variety shows at some point of his life because he thought people wouldn’t take him seriously.

A video of Jackson talking about this was a part of GOT7’s first DVD concert, “fly in Seoul” in which he revealed his personal goals and how he wants to show a serious side of him regarding his work.

He said that people misunderstand him when he’s sitting expressionless, and ask him if he’s feeling mad or sad or angry.

He also says he showed enough of his fun image and would like to show a serious side of him.

You can check out the full interview from a twitter fan account here.

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My Thoughts

I do agree with his reasoning behind this, and I must admit that at times I wondered if he was feeling sad or angry when he was sitting expressionless.

Jackson is one of the best variety-to-go-to idols if you need someone who will make you laugh and entertain the audience.

I bet that at first he was happy to be getting all that attention and being invited to variety shows, but now that he’s more famous, his fun guy image is taking a toll on him.

I do understand how it can really make him regret doing variety shows, its sad to have to put on a happy face whenever you’re out because you’re afraid someone would misunderstand your expressionless face. Imagine how hard it is to always try to look happy even when you’re feeling really sad for whatever reason.

He reminds me of Lee Joon, the ex-member of Mblaq, he was portrayed as this “fun-silly-stupid idol”, he since then also expressed how sad he was about this, and explained to fans that he isn’t stupid but this was how variety shows portrayed him.

Ever since then I rarely saw him on variety shows again, and he rarely tried recreating that image, he took a much more serious image on and ever since then fans never saw him the same way again, he took on very serious roles, beginning with a serial killer role in Gap Dong which shocked fans.

I think Jackson would probably be doing the same, although a part of me hopes that he doesn’t take the same route Lee Joon took, I must support him as his fan.

What do you guys think of what he said? Did it shock you?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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