Girls Day’s Sojin And Eddy Kim Admit That They’re Dating After Denying At First

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Another kpop couple has been revealed.

Girls day Sojin and Eddy Kim were swept in dating rumors but the rumors were initially denied by Sojin’s agency.

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A couple of hours later, the kpop stars have confirmed that they’re indeed dating.

It was Girls Day Sojin agency DreamT Ent. who revealed that they’re dating for real.

The agency revealed in an official statement saying:

“Sojin and Eddy Kim had interest in each other, and starting dating not too long ago”

Regarding their initial statement in which they denied the relationship was real, they apologized to the public saying:

“We apologize for not giving the right information when the sudden reports first came out. We initially denied them because the couple wanted to protect each other. We were only being cautious.

Despite that, the couple has decided to officially announce that they’re in a relationship after talking it out with each other.”

Girls day Sojin herself also released a statement in regards to her relationship to Eddy Kim, she said

“I hope that all fans will watch over us kindly. I hope that people will continue to give us their love and support in the future.”

Sojin is 4 years old than her boyfriend Eddy Kim which was born back in 1990 while Sojin was born back in 1986.

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My Reaction

I wish oppa and unnie the best, I didn’t think Eddy would be dating her, but I am happy for both.

She is his noona, which is also nice, a lot of Korean seem to love dating older women. Lots of dating news these days.

I am glad that idols are being a bit more open about dating and relationships nowadays. Congrats to the couple!

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