Nam Tae Hyun Reveals That He Doesn’t Regret Leaving Winner, Talks The Real Reason He Left


Finally we have some answers to our burning questions regarding the departure of Nam Tae Hyun from the popular YG group Winner.

Nam Tae Hyun has an honest talk with Dingo Music during an online interview, and shocked fans with some of what he said.

On May 25, Dingo Music shared a video of their online interview with Nam Tae Hyun and his new band South Club.

The members introduced themselves and talked about their upcoming release “Hug Me”. Later on Nam Tae Hyun sat down alone for  a more serious interview talking YG and Winner.

Dingo first asked:

“There were lots of talks when you departed the group. What’s the true reason behind your departure?”

Nam Tae Hyun responded, “There are a lot of speculations but they are only speculations. I left after making a good compromise. We just had different paths to walk.”

Dingo then asked if he was afraid of leaving the label. He answered, “It was hard at the time. To me, it was a place like home.”

The next question asked if he ever regretted his decision, and Nam Tae Hyun said:

“No, but I’m just sorry.

Good or bad, there were changes because of me. I just pray that this will turn out to be good changes in the future.”

Dingo then asked: “What is the biggest change that happened to you?”

Nam Tae Hyun honestly answered, “I became poor.” He and Dingo burst into laughter.

Nam Tae Hyun continued, “I was wealthy during YG and now I’m back to my place. People shouldn’t change too easy ya know”, and he added, “(trying to cheer me up).”

Nam Tae Hyun also said that the controversies surrounding him scared most during that period of time.

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My Thoughts

I said it back then and I am going to say it now, Nam Tae Hyun departure was not as YG stated it, you can clearly tell by the way he speaks.

YG signed Nam Tae Hyun’s mental health as the reason for his departure, but him leaving Winner and YG combined because of mental health issues doesn’t really add up!

I mean if he had mental health issue which he should take seriously, then YG should’ve just allowed the four boys to make a comeback with Nam Tae Hyun recording but not participating in the promotion, simple right?

Remember when B.A.P did it? Yong Guk was suffering from a mental illness they recorded the album with him but he missed out on promotions.

Mental health issues are not a joke, and mostly people who suffer from it struggle whist trying to carry on normally with their lives, depending on the condition of course.

But when I saw that soon after he left he was already looking for partners for a band and him being all over the place, it sort of made me wonder the hell was going on?

Because if he was struggling with mental health issues he should be either struggling to function normally, and since YG used that excuse it means its something serious, but it didn’t seem like it was the real reason.

Something else must’ve happened, something really HUGE that would make him give up his seat in YG’s Winner and give up all the hard work for the past couple of years so suddenly to debut solo or with a band.

If I were Nam Tae Hyun I wouldn’t have left so early, this was a wrong move from his part, let me tell you why.

Winner are just starting and trying to make a name for themselves. If he had hanged on a bit more and tried to put up with it, he would’ve left with more money and had made a name for himself as an artist.

This is what I would have done, because I wouldn’t want all the hard work I put into YG to go to waste as I have to leave.

I was really shocked when he said he didn’t regret leaving Winner, it was a big statement indeed! Its not easy to say such a thing, it means that he was truly done with the group to be able to say that.

He’s currently struggling “as expected” because if you guys didn’t know, making music, promoting it and releasing it requires a LOT of money, not to mention recruiting.

Nam Tae Hyun got to work as soon as he left because he wanted to use his name before he’s long forgotten, timing is key in the music industry, and he is trying to use the old fame he had while in YG to help him succeed with his new band.

He held auditions, chose 3 members, 2 boys and a girl, and released a song today. He’s trying so hard to solidify his status before people forget about him, then all the work he has put into YG will be a waste FOR REAL.

I wish him the best, I like how bold he is when answering questions, I like how he didn’t shy away from the issue, and I wish him success with the song in the charts thou I doubt it’d make an impact.

What do you guys think of what he said? are you shocked by how honest he was?


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