Dispatch catches Park Yoo Chun and fiancé Hwang HaNa PDA filled date


Park Yoo Chun can’t get his hands off his fiancé in recent Dispatch photos.

Dispatch has released photos of the two couple out on a date a couple of hours ago.

Park Yoo Chun was out on a casual date with his fiancé, Hwang Ha Na.

The two getting married news were announced in April last month, and it took fans by storm for being such shocking news. His fiancé was said to have been very supportive of him during his difficult time.

We have compiled everything you need to know about their marriage, you can check out the full article here.

It was even revealed that the JYJ members had no idea that YooChun was getting married and only found out about it through the news like everybody else.

While it has also been rumored that Yoo Chun is planning on leaving showbiz once he gets married and that he’s thinking of retirement.

The two will be getting married a month after Park Yoo Chun exits the military, which will be in September 2017, according to a close source the wedding is said to be very private and only close family members and friends will be attending.

Here are the full photos of the two out on a date:

We wish the two happiness together, we’re glad that they can enjoy their time out on dates.

Photos credit goes to: Dispatch.


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