We just can’t get enough of Gdragon and Lee Soo Hyuk bromance.

Lee Soo Hyuk has joined YG in March last month and fans were pretty happy about that since he was joining the many other celebrity friends he knows at YG.

Earlier today, G-Dragon uploaded a photo of Lee Soo Hyuk in front of a camera onto his official Instagram account.


In response to that, Lee Soo Hyuk uploaded a screenshot of G-Dragon’s post to his Instagram account with a caption that said,

“A senior from my dream agency , who has a following of 13.9 million users, uploaded a photo of me along with my Instagram handle to his official Instagram account.”


The actor has also added some funny hashtags along with it that says:

 “Last time he asked me why I wasn’t greeting him formally and I thought he was joking. But he told me to do it again today so at this point it’s probably safe to say he isn’t joking, what is this,what should I do? Should I just stop meeting him.”

Do you also love the bromance between Lee Soo Hyuk and Gdragon?

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