“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Episode 8 Recap



Today’s episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon saw the both main characters slowly realizing their feelings towards Bong Soon, it also showed that Bong Soon accepting her fate of defending her neighbourhood from the psycho on the loose.

Lets get right to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episode 8 recap.

We were left with last episode’s scene of Bong soon shoving Gook Do aside, and now we’re back, of course as I expected, as everyone has expected, Gook Do brushes it off as if nothing has happened as if he hasn’t been hurt by her suddenly shoving him aside, when she really didn’t need to do so to begin with.

I mean this guy was trying to take her down, either beat her badly or to death, why the hell is she shoving Gook Do aside when he clearly was trying to help her out?

Min Hyuk then of course oversees the whole situation and decides not to interfere probably because he knows well that Bong Soon is more than capable of defending herself.

He worries about her, and whatever she does irritates him, I don’t think he can give any more signs even if he tried to, he clearly likes her but is not making a move, I wonder why!

Gook Do then interrogates the ahujssi who tried to take care down, he says she isn’t a woman or a normal person, Gook Do looks slightly suspicious of what he’s saying, but he tries his best to brush it off, because it doesn’t make any sense.

In the next scene we see Bong Soon again so sad about how her life goes on and how nothing ever goes her way, we then see her mom trying to make it up to her, she buys her something she likes.

It seems like that meltdown Bong Soon had the other day is working magic.

Bong Soon is coming in terms with her given powers and thinks she’s been given that for a very good reason and she’ll try and catch the culprit with it.

We see Bong Soon and Min Hyuk interacting again in an office space and suddenly he gets called by his father, who asks him to take care of everything quietly without the shareholders knowledge.

He also asks him to announce the engagement in the next meeting, seems like this whole lie Min Hyuk tried to pull is getting out of control and he doesn’t even seem to be slightly annoyed by it.

The psycho case is going public and we see the police being very concerned about it, the investigation is no longer a closed one but an open one and will be handled by the serious crime investigation unit.

Again Min Hyuk then takes Bong Soon to train, seems like she has everything under control now after the little training session Min Hyuk provided, he is now teaching her how to use her fist, they have a couple of cute moments together.

In the next couple of scenes we see Bong Soon standing up for the kids “her gang” and she again ends up beating a couple of that fake gangster men, and of course the fake annoying gangster is not happy about it, he wants to take care of Bong Soon once and for all.

Throughout half of the episode we see that Gook Do has finally realized that he has feelings for Bong Soon and had always had them, but failed to realize it until recently, and it seems like he likes her a lot.

This scene kinda made me a bit sad, he missed his mark “as expected” and won’t end up with the girl he likes, oh boy its gonna hurt him.

He tells his ex-girlfriend that is it over between them and tells her not to feel sorry about leaving because he is also guilty and has someone else in his heart.

Then its time Min Hyuk faces the reality of his reckless actions, he has to take Bong Soon to meet his family so he drops off by her house to pick her up and gets the warmest welcome you can possibly imagine from her mother, he eats breakfast with them before he goes.

He seems like he likes the atmosphere a lot, he is very happy to be in such a family friendly atmosphere, something he must’ve never had.

Of course soon enough Bong Soon realizes he is taking her to his family’s house, he offers her loads of money to just go with the flow, and she agrees…

I mean what can I say here? Isn’t it weird enough? That you’re being paid by someone to pretend you’re his fiancé? And how on earth do you accept this so easily? His family clearly believes he is dating you and wants to marry you and you just go with the flow?

I don’t know guys, it seems funny, and slightly awkward and weird that she so easily brushes it off after being paid extra cash… don’t you agree?

The father then has a private moment with Bong Soon, he tells her that Min Hyuk used to date lots of girls and suddenly stopped, the father was happy he saw Bong Soon and that he made sure that no one will go around calling his son gay anymore.

It seems like Bong Soon’s is slowly falling for Min Hyuk as well, we get a glimpse of that in the 8th episode, took long enough don’t you think?

Min Hyuk then takes Bong Soon to see his mother’s grave “I think!” and then sort of confesses his feelings towards her in the most ambiguous way you can possibly imagine, I mean if you like her just tell her already…

In the next scene we see Gook Do investigating the psycho case alongside his teammates, who have decided to investigate the case unofficially even when it has been passed down to someone else.

Gook Do again goes to that junk yard and investigates some more, he is almost sure the owner of the junk yard is somehow connected to all of this.

We then find out that the psycho is actually more devious than we’ve all thought he was, when he went to the police station last time “as a witness” he has installed a spying device of some sort and is keeping an eye on the police investigation of him.

I have an important question! How is it so easy for him to do so? To hide such a device in an obvious place? In the police station? I mean isn’t the police station filled with cameras? Aren’t there people watching and surveying the whole place?

He should be easily caught by this!

This isn’t a clever move, it’s a deadly move, isn’t someone supposed to watch out for the police station? Especially when they’re investigation such an important case going on? Shouldn’t there be more surveillance?

We’re then taken to the next scene in which Bong Soon’s father is again flirting with Gook Do’s mother, his wife catches him and beats him to a pulp… god I hated that scene, and by the way isn’t she supposed to have lost all her powers? How could she beat him up and cause him bruises so easily?

God I petty him, he clearly doesn’t like his wife anymore, she is always looking down on him, beating him up and is very controlling and obsessive, who wants to be in such a relationship?

Then the actor Yoon Sang Hyun makes a very useless cameo appearance I didn’t think needed to exist to begin with.

He is a Harvard graduate of some sort with an MBA, he wrote a book of some sort, and he comes in to present to the fake gangster a proposed way to finish off Bong Soon.

I mean am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t make any sense? God the writer is becoming more and more lazy and predictable, its getting quiet annoying.

What was the use of getting someone who is a Harvard graduate to tell you that you need to do voice phishing to catch a tiny girl with super powers to finish her off? I mean is it really so hard to kill Bong Soon?

I can easily think of a way, anyone can easily conclude that you can either shoot her from a distance or poison her, the ways you can finish her off are endless.

You don’t need a Harvard graduate to tell you a stupid idea of voice phishing, you really don’t, any thug can come up with better easier ideas that’ll kill her instantly or seriously injure her.

We then see Bong Soon meeting up with her little brother at the hospital, she drops of to give him his allowance, he tells her he also likes Gook Do’s ex-girlfriend, but he knows he shouldn’t be dating her, Bong Soon agrees to that… little did they know Gook Do is so over her.

Of course then the inevitable happens, and Bong Soon gets caught up in some trap, she is tricked by the gangsters and that fake CEO to come into a warehouse.

She slowly realizes that she has been trapped, but she is gusty and confident as always that she can easily take them down.

Of course Min Hyuk and Gook Do both find out what’s about to happen, and both worry about her and immediately rush with their cars and try to help out Bong Soon.

And that’s it for today’s episode recap.

This episode was annoying to say the least, the writer is making less sense as he goes on with the drama, and I honestly don’t understand why its so popular, not that I hate that it became popular, I just don’t think it deserves the hype its getting to be honest with you all.

The drama fails to attempt to make a serious impact, is it stuck somewhere between trying to be funny and trying to be serious, while it fails to deliver in both categories.

To me its another kdrama with a very stereotypical script, and it is by far one of the most disappointing dramas of the year, I don’t know how much longer I can recap it, I am seriously thinking of quitting.

I already know how its gonna end, and already have an idea of whats gonna happen.

Be ready I am about to tell you whats gonna happen.

In the next episode Gook Do will probably find out more about Bong Soon’s powers, as he sees her fighting all those gangster easily on her own, he will realize that she is not a normal person indeed.

By the 10th episode we will probably see that Bong Soon is falling harder for Min Hyuk and we’ll see a kiss happen between the 10th-12th episode.

They will end up catching the criminal; Bong Soon will do so with the help of both Min Hyuk and Gook Do. Gook Do will get rejected by Bong Soon, as he realizes that she has fallen in love with someone else and it ain’t him.

We’ll find out more about Min Hyuk, something must’ve happened that caused him to stop meeting girls all of a sudden.

The drama will end on a happy note, Bong Gi will probably end up dating Gook Do’s girlfriend, Gook Do will be left all alone, while Bong Soon would be happily dating Min Hyuk.

The moment I can easily guess whats gonna happen with a drama, I usually stop watching.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a friendly drama as I have said before, but I don’t think its unique in any way.

Its like many other kdramas expect it has a little twist, the girl happens to be stronger than your average kdrama girl crush.

But what you guys think? Do you agree with me? What did you think of today’s episode?


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