“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Episode 6 Recap


So much has happened in today’s episode of strong woman Do Bong Soon, so lets get right to it.

Bong Soon is now “officially” in a love triangle, we see that Minhyuk and Gook Do both fighting for her attention, we spend the first 15 minutes of the episodes observing how childish men can become in front of the woman they like.

The first 15 minutes focuses on Gook Do and Minhyuk fighting each other and trying their best to prove to outdo one another.

Even Bong Soon ends up telling Gook Do that Min Hyuk is gay and thus he shouldn’t be worried about her staying at his place.

Min Hyuk doesn’t even try to deny that he is gay, nor confirm it and I think its because he doesn’t want Bong Soon to stop being friendly with him.

That’s all there is regarding the first 15 minutes of the episode, we get a glimpse of heating bromance and the two main lead bickering, it was fun and light to watch.

There was one thing that stood out to me in those 15 minutes, the father is probably the only who makes sense in this drama, he tries to coach Bong Soon mom who treats her daughter so harshly and says that her strength cannot protect her if they come after her with weapons, which is basically what I was trying to say those past 5 episodes.

He also blames her for leaving her daughter in the hands of someone she doesn’t know well, her reasoning behind this is “as expected” stupid, I mean what if Min Hyuk turns out to be a psycho and he does something to your daughter?

I doubt any mother who dearly loves her daughter would throw her to the hands of someone “no matter who he was” to begin with, the mother character is to me far scarier than the criminal of the drama.

And as our Bong Soon is carrying the two handsome men back home she is being watched by that fake CEO gangster who then starts questioning who she really is.

There was one particularly funny scene in today’s episode in which Gook Do tries to seduce Min Hyuk and Min Hyuk is seen falling for it, it was so funny and entertaining to watch.

During the next morning Min Hyuk receives another threat and they say they’re gonna use a real gun now to kill him, to which of course he replies with anger and frustration.

Gook Do then goes back to the police station and finds out they’ve nailed someone and then go there and arrest him in the stupidest way you can possibly imagine.

Of course he turns out to be just someone who was supposed to drive her back home, he says he arrived and she wasn’t there and she didn’t reply to his messages.

In the second half of the episode we see Min Hyuk wrapped up in rumors saying that he is gay, the stock price drops because of that rumor “your typical kdrama” and Min Hyuk then attempts to do damage control, to which he ends up revealing to Bong Soon that he was the one who took down that viral video of her.

Another scene in which Bong Soon defends a helpless woman then appears, and again Min Hyuk is shocked by her strength as she was teaching that rude driver a lesson.

Min Hyuk then offers her a very interesting deal; he says she needs to work properly on her strength so she can use it to help more people.

It was really nice seeing how close they’re becoming and how much he cares about her, and I like that he uses his brain, saying that strength alone cannot help you much if you don’t know how to use it.

I liked the next scene, and I like how Gook Do’s girlfriend has some decency left in her and decided to break it off with Gook Do for now saying that her heart is wavering, she admitted that she is falling in for someone else.

But Jisoo’s puppy face is so irresistible; I mean how can anyone break up with him? If he gave me that look I would take back everything I wanted to say, god he’s so adorable.

As Gook Do was deep in his thoughts he got a call from Bong Soon, she was checking up on him and letting him know she’s doing well, she then tries to ease in the secret she has and tells him that she is stronger than he thinks.

To which he replies this line….

I don’t think he takes her seriously for her words, Bong Soon has such a tiny body and you can’t believe she is actually strong until you see it.

I loved how jealous Min Hyuk was throughout this whole episode, whenever Bong Soon and Gook Do had an interaction or a moment he was always cursing in the back.

In the next scene I saw something I have seen about 15 times in another 15 kdramas if not more, of course Min Hyuk is about to do a very stupid thing that’ll complicate his relationship with Bong Soon=drive it forward.

He tells her that she needs to help him too, since he’s gonna help her. He then goes to a family meeting and tells everyone that she is his girlfriend, and that they’re living together and they’re getting married or something.

I know he is trying to squash all those gay rumors, but that was a low move, and very predictable, I am again disappointed in the writer of the drama, he used such a cheap trick about a hundred other writer has used before.

Of course this thing Min Hyuk did is going to get them involved in more misunderstandings before Bong Soon eventually falls in love with Min Hyuk as well.

Min Hyuk said he was going to help Bong Soon, so we see that he is trying to do so, and by that he instructs her to do this and that, which is useless, you know she’s strong, what are you trying to prove with having her complete a couple of average missions an average person would struggle at?

Min Hyuk has seen how capable she is, not once not twice, but in about each episode we’ve seen so far, why is he doing that?

I thought for a second that he was using his brain at last, but it seems like I got it all wrong, he is making her climb walls, run with tires strapped to her back, and that’s all something very unnecessary and stupid.

I thought he’d be trying to balance that, I thought that he’d be trying to correct her approach, I thought that he’d be trying to teach her how to handle a gun or a threat better, not have her run and climb things.

It feels the writer had to stuff about 10 minutes of the 1 hour show and thought of this, it’s a very unnecessary sequence that annoyed me.

Bong Soon then comes to the police station to give her testimony which doesn’t make any sense i.e “why did her run away after Bong Soon appeared?” she answers some questions, gives out a couple of clues before leaving the police station.

Then she finds out that Gook Do’s girlfriend is dumping him and tries to comfort him, we see something different in the way Gook Do looks at it Bong Soon.

His gaze seems to be softer, and he seems like he is realizing that he likes her. Too bad for you, it’s too late man, you won’t get the girl “but I’ll volunteer if I have to, you know for the sake of your feelings not getting hurt”

Gook Do then asks a question to which Bong Soon reacts so cutely, he asks her why they’re friends, I think that seeing her around that CEO triggered something in him and made him realize that maybe he has fallen in love with Bong Soon or that he has been all along but didn’t know that.

We finally get to the climax of the 6th episode. We have noticed that the killer has his eyes set on a pharmacist; we finally get to see his real face as he visits the pharmacy.

I was shocked he was that good looking, I think its going to get more interesting now. The pharmacist seems like a very nice girl, she chats around with him and suggests they go to church together.

Of course he was going to take advantage of that and we seem him following her from behind as she walks towards a church.

We see him then toying around with the girls he has in his house, we get more insights into the type of psychopath he really is.

I am curious to know why the hell he is collecting all those girls. For what? What is he gonna do with all those girls? I am curious, I hope the writer comes up with a pretty clever response to my question.

The last scene of this episode leaves us with a major cliff-hanger.

Someone breaks into the house of Min Hyuk and attacks him with a knife.

That’s it for the 6th episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon recap.

This episode made a little more sense in some scenes, and a little less sense in others, the writer utilizes the clichés whenever possible and tries to create something interesting as well.

I loved the chemistry between the three leads, and I like how its shaping out to be, again I just wish that the female lead ends up with the second male lead for a change.

I hope you guys liked the recap and I am glad you made it this far, you can check out all my recaps of the previous episodes here.

But what do you guys think of today’s episode? Did you like it? how are you liking the love triangle in the drama? Share your comments in the comment section below, lets discuss.


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