Did I have a blast in today’s episode of Strong woman Do Bong Soon or what?

Today so much has happened and I am glad it did, this episode was full of many twists and jump scares, and we got to see the worried side of Gook Do.

Strong woman Do Bong Soon is such a friendly drama, regardless of that criminal on the loose, this drama is very cute, adorable, easy on the eyes, and funny sometimes.

It’s the type of drama that can make you fall in love with kdramas in general. This can be a kdrama I can use to lure in my friends.

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We were left with a cliffhanger from last week and finally we get to breathe, Bong Soon follows the voice of criminal as he apologizes after bumping into her.

We get more insights on what the killer is like, we find out that he smells like rusting iron, which probably relates to the fact that he works in that junk yard.


The next scene has to be my favorite of this drama so far; a pervert had his hands broken “backwards” for being a pervert. I just wish I had this power to do this to every male I catch being a pervert.


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Then our dear Bong Soon goes to eat with Minhyuk and tells him she bumped into the killer on her way, which confirms that he’s probably a citizen of this neighborhood.


Of course this remark worries Min Hyuk who has “officially” fallen for Bong Soon.

Then they both go back to the office and he had a tiny “appropriate” little desk built in for her, which confirms he is slowly becoming more attached to her, we see that throughout this episode even more.

You see him getting jealous, being overly protective, and stealing glances of her when she’s dozing off.

Finally the video of Bong Soon grabbing that very heavy pole goes viral, and her mother obviously calls, yells at her and tells her how embarrassed she.


Of course Min Hyuk takes this chance to tease her a bit. I honestly LOVE their chemistry, Bo Young has the power to appeal to all the male leads she acts with, I can clearly tell that Hyung Sik is a fan of her, she is so adorable, and has a very likeable character in real life as well.

Minhyuk in the next two scenes does 2 things that proves how much he has fallen for her, he first calls Gook Do and lets him know that she ran into that killer on her way to work, and then calls one of his friends and ask him to take down that viral video of her holding the pole.

Suddenly as I was watching those scenes, I got a bit confused, Minhyuk clearly has the power to run things around the way he wants, which takes me back into a very important point.

Why the hell did he hire Bong Soon to begin with? No offense, but with his money and power he could have easily and effortlessly taken care of whoever was following him.

Why is it that Min Hyuk only uses his power when the writer wants him to? he can clearly steer things his way, why is it that when someone is following him he fails to take disciplinary actions?

He could’ve easily hired someone or more than one and had taken care of that issue long ago, but again we wouldn’t have seen Bong Soon there with him.

In my opinion the reasoning behind pairing MinHyuk and Bong Soon together is rather weak, very weak, and the writer himself is proving this to me as we continue to explore how powerful Min Hyuk really is.

Next and after Min Hyuk triggers Gook Do’s heart, he comes running from his office and straight into the company to “as usual” yell at Bong Soon for doing whatever she did.


In this episode the writer makes it very clear that Gook Do has feelings for Bong Soon and he might not even be aware of that, its kinda nice seeing him care about her so much, but it can be annoying because all he does is yell all the time when he isn’t even her boyfriend.


I really liked the next scene, that was my second favorite scene of this episode, I like how they start fighting about who takes her back home and when she notices that and points that out, they both try to dumb her to the other one.

I have one tiny tiny question here, Gook Do seems to have a very nice chef in charge, because all he does is flip out suddenly and run through the door whenever he feels like it.

Its so funny how accepting and easy going the chef is when they have a criminal to catch, I was just wondering why the hell does Gook Do get the chance to leave and come whenever, however he wish without being questioned.

In the next scene, the cops finally get a lead of the criminal, took long enough don’t you think so?


They find out about the car of the ballet kidnapped girl and trace that back into where the killer resides, they even go there and investigate a little.

It was nice that they finally managed to make some progress, one girl has already died, and two are kidnapped, I was so annoyed by how lazy those officers were.

We even get to see the possible criminal face as they ask him about the car. Finally I was so happy they made some progress, call me a nitpicker but I watched so many Korean police related dramas to know that in most cases Korean don’t allow these things to just keep going.


It’s a serious case, and they had all those cameras installed everywhere, why the hell can’t they catch him?

The writer is either deliberately delaying the case progress to fit the suspense of the drama, or he is deliberately trying to show that those police officers are really dumb and slow, either way, he has managed to get on my nerves.

The next scene is rather worrisome; I had already talked about it, about how scary it is for Bong Soon to use her powers with the bad guys, because they can easily target not only her, but her entire family as well.

Those gangsters she beat up know of her whereabouts, her family and much more, which makes me really worried about our dear Bong Soon.


In the next scene we clearly see Gook Do’s girlfriend openly and proudly flirting with Bong Ki. And I found it really annoying that he actually liked it.

I was so annoyed by that, I mean he is his friend from high school, isn’t there a brother code or something? He is also flirting with her and seems to be happily doing so.


And whats up with her? I mean he can easily tell her “what the hell you doin? Don’t you have a boyfriend?” God that girl annoys me, she is a good actress… 😉

I was so happy and worried and excited about the next scene, Bong Soon friend goes to buy some tofu and gets a scary surprise from the psychopath.


I was so happy because Bong Soon then came and kicked the shit out of him, I was so happy and excited about that scene, and finally he gets the beating he deserves. “I thought he deserved more, just sayin”

Then we get to see the ahjummas of the neighborhood all together discussing how they’re gonna protect the young girls of this neighborhood. Where are the men of this neighborhood? Why are those old ahjummas protecting the girls?

Suddenly that fake gangster shows up and offers to protect the neighborhood for them, and suggests to rush with the constructions in the neighborhood in exchange for having his boys protect that neighborhood.


I have a very fundamental important question here; he introduces himself as this CEO of the construction company supervising the redevelopment of the neighborhood.

If he is the CEO then when what the hell was he doing spying on a mere girl hanging out with Min Hyuk? I mean if he is the CEO indeed, couldn’t he have sent in someone to do that in his steed?

And why is he even there offering them that protection agreement?

If he is the CEO why is he hanging around the neighborhood trying to offer some ahjummas a deal or something? Is it just me who thinks so?

He doesn’t have the vibe of the CEO nor does he do what a CEO does to begin with.


Gook Do then goes to the hospital to visit Kyung Shim and check up on her and ask some questions.

In the next scene we see the psycho very injured, and probably wondering how on earth was someone so tiny managed to beat him so badly and cause him this much pain. I loved that scene as well.


We then get to see Gook Do being Gook Do again, yelling at her again, and asking of her to stay in her CEO house.

It doesn’t make any sense, why on earth would she stay there? Can’t she stay anywhere else? I mean if you think about it, there are many other places she can stay which have good protection, one of them is a hotel.


The police should clearly put her under witness protection program and have a guard stick by her, why is it that now when it got all serious no one is talking about a police officer protecting Bong Soon? Now seems the TIME for it.

He then visits the CEO and asks of him that favor, he seems like he clearly doesn’t want her to go there, then why the hell is asking her to go there? Men do the stupidest shit when they’re in love; Gook Do is all over the place because of his feelings for Bong Soon.

The next scene also had fangirls including myself making weird sounds and saying “omo” a couple of times, Gook Do criticizes the way Bong Soon dressed and asks her not to dress so pretty.


Of course we see Bong Sook then on cloud 9 all happy about the compliment she received, even us the fans are so happy about that one sentence Gook Do said almost as happy as Bong Soon was, if not more.

Ohhh that mom, how much I hate her, I just really cannot stand her nor her character, she was packing things for Bong Soon stay at the CEO house and then gets asked what about that blanket to which she gives the creepiest most perverted answer possible…. Oh god!


After that incident with Bong Soon and her friend, she finds it hard to sleep and decides to go to her neighborhood and does this courageous act and tries to catch him in the action and beat the crap out of him, nice choice, I was wondering when she was going to do that.


Of course she is then caught by Min Hyuk and he takes her back home, only then to be surprised by “you guessed it” angry Gook Do again.

He is clearly so jealous of her being there, and thus he thrusts his way towards the CEO house and says this very stupid sentence “I am going to stay here too”


Idiot, if you didn’t want her to go you could have easily told your chef to get her protection, why are you doing all this? The writer really needs to work on his tactics, some of the ideas he uses for the sake of plot development are so childish and make little to no sense.

And that’s my chingues marks the end of episode 5 recap.

It was a nice episode overall, I had a couple of good fangirling moments, and some very interesting things happened in today’s episode.

I still do think the writer needs to work a bit harder on the script, there are far too many things that clearly don’t make any sense, he is in most cases contradicting himself with every scene he writes.

There is one very big plot hole I saved for the last sentence.

I see how Gook Do is really worried about Bong Soon and suggesting she should stay at her CEO house, which is in reality something very difficult to come by.

His reasoning for that is that the killer has probably seen Bong Soon’s face by now and thus can hurt her if she stays home…

But what about the rest?

I am just saying the obvious, what if he decided to kill all her family? Then what? He is a psycho after all and we clearly see that and sense that.

If he can tell where she lives then he can target not only her but the rest of her family, then the logic of having Bong Soon stay in the CEO house makes even less sense.

What about the rest of the family? Aren’t they important as well?

I know there are two men, but the killer has strong hands and usually carries something to beat up women with, and thus he can easily attack and prevail against Bong Soon brother “who is never home because of his job” and her weak old father, not to mention her mother who is never home always wandering around.

But what do you guys think of today’s episode? Did you like it? how are you liking all those jump scares in the drama? Share your comments in the comment section below, lets discuss.


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