“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Episode 4 Recap


I’ve had lots and lots of laughs in the 4th episode of strong woman Do Bong Soon, its proving itself to be this very funny romantic drama and its leading the ratings as well.

The 4th episode rated 8% which is HUGE for any cable TV channel; I bet JTBC is so happy right now, this is by far its first commercially successful drama.

So lets discuss what had happened in episode 4.

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The 3rd episode left us with a cliffhanger, we’re now taken into the 4th episode but guess what the cliffhanger we were left with was a lie, I really hate it when dramas do that, they show us a worried Bong Soon hearing the sound of screams but then shifts its focus onto the criminal and the victim in an old garage.

The criminal then disposes of the car and crushes it completely; it’s clearly showing us that the killer is probably using this old big place littered with old used cars as his hideout.

A call then comes from worried Gook Do who calls in to check up on Bong Soon and she ends up snapping at him and hangs up in his face, she is obviously flustered and hates the fact that he is giving her mixed signals when he’s clearly dating someone else.

The brat CEO then calls as well, it seems like Bong Soon is one of the things that helps him have fun and fool around, its almost like he hired her to be his lover/friend/bodyguard/ cook you name it.

This episode was really funny, and it began with showing us a dream Bong Soon was having in which MinHyuk grabs gook Do’s butt, I was on floor laughing, and Gook Do’s expression was priceless, I bet it was so embarrassing and lots of fun to film that scene, its something all of us fangirls appreciate.

Then the 3 neighborhood ahjummas go to this shaman to ask for advice and receive some very precise answers regarding it.

And of course Bong Soon mother asks about her daughter future with a gay CEO she is working with, to which the shaman replies that she’ll see lots of luck in her life.

Then our dear Bong Soon goes to the CEO house and gets bossed around with things she isn’t even supposed to be doing, he asks of her to cook him something and she ends up doing so.

Of course as usual he brings up the contract and his slight injury and gets what he wants, which made me wonder, why won’t he hire a maid for crying out loud? why is he making her go through this? But then again I remember this is a kdrama and of course that is what any rich CEO who got the poor girl to sign a contract is going to do….

He then enjoys the food she cooked and the writer clearly shows that Bong Soon food reminds him of his mother cooking as a way of making us sympathize with him.

She then goes out to the car and waits for him and calls in her friend and starts calling him bad names and complaining about his temper, arrogance and so on, to which he turns out to have had audio and video tapped his car for security reasons, he catches her saying all those bad things about him, and he then of course drags her around using her words as an excuse to treat her like shit.

We’re then taken to next BIG scene in which the guy who threatens Min Hyuk starts shooting at him and everybody around him, and he ends up shooting his left arm as a warning.

This guy is seriously not joking around, but what surprised me was that no one called in the police and no one was screaming, if it was me I’d be calling the police and there’d be far more chaos than this.

Its not normal for people to hear and see someone shooting others in the garden, a public place many go to and not do something about it.

After that Bong Soon carries him around her arms into the car and makes a big fuss about it, it was supposed to be a serious scene but suddenly the writer decided that it would be appropriate to make it sound and look so funny.

“I will always love you” was playing along and the scene made me laugh, but I kinda hated the direction the writer was going with, this was supposed to be a serious threat and its no time for you to be adding humor to it, it clearly doesn’t fit the scene, it literally takes you out from the whole scenario of the fact that Min Hyuk was shot and those guys threatening him are not joking around.

Its like the writer is a bit confused, should he go with romantic theme? scary theme? or should it be thriller? I feel like the writer is all over the place and can’t stick to one direction or theme.

I think the whole purpose of that scene was to make Bong Soon treat his wounds and they’d be bonding over that, that the main character will start developing more serious feelings towards her, its a cliché overly used scene, you always find one in each kdrama.

He then receives a very serious call of the psycho threatening him that he’d be destroying his company if he doesn’t do as he says, I mean this is so stupid of the pyscho.

The threatening is clearly not working well and does he really think that this threat would be making him crawl down and cry and beg for mercy?

Whats the use of threatening him for a couple of months? I have been asking myself that question, what if he tells his father? What if he hires someone to track you down?

It doesn’t seem like Min Hyuk or the psycho is taking this thing seriously, because if they were, the pyscho wouldn’t have waited so long to do some serious damage and Min Hyuk wouldn’t have hired a girl no matter how strong she was to protect him, he clearly needs professional help.

A flashback is then shown to help us learn about Min Hyuk, they show us how he wanted to leave this whole fortune behind and live his life, but it seems like something has happened which made him stay.

In the next scene we see the devious snake “Gook Do’s girlfriend” creeping up on my new favorite character Bong Ki, she is so clearly flirting with him by inviting him to this “lunch” it almost seemed like a date rather than a “thank you”.

The gangsters we saw in the last episode appearing with that VERY intense music are now appearing to be comical and slightly dumb; they go to see where Bong Soon lives and try to investigate around her neighborhood.

I still won’t take back my words regarding how I think the gang boss actor is a miss-choice, but I think it was done intentionally, whats up with that very scary vibe they gave us of the gang? And why on earth did they suddenly turn into those very comical characters?

I “again” feel like he is tormented with what to do with those actors and what theme to follow, and one more very logical question, when you’re a very BIG scary gang boss why are you yourself investigating a mere girl whom you suspect to be very strong?

I mean he must have many other guys he can use to track her down and they’d do a much much better job than him and the very comical sidekick of him, it seems like a very stupid choice, why would you make the boss hunt down the girl? If he is really that important he wouldn’t think lightly of showing his face to everyone in town.

We’re then taken to a flashback of Bong Soon in her high school days with a very stupid clearly obvious black wig, as they show us how obsessed she was and still is with Gook Do, and how she tried so hard to hide her powers from him because he likes weak girls.

Then we finally get a clear explanation of why Bong Soon was unemployed, she clearly had very bad marks in high school and didn’t get accepted to any college the following year, thou the drama doesn’t specify more on what she did after that.

Did she just slack around? Or did she go to an institute and learn how to draw and make games? “Since we clearly see her designing a girl gaming character on her computer”

In the next scene Gook Do comes to see her again to ask her about the criminal voice and she asks of how well things are with his girlfriend, to which “of course” he said she was playing out of town when she clearly was on a date with Bong Ki.

I mean this leads me to a very important question, now if I was Gook Do friend I would be telling him that my brother was out on a date with your girlfriend, I mean she can easily expose his girlfriend.

How bold of his girlfriend to ask of her brother out on a date when they have clear ties with Gook Do? I mean he can and will easily find out that she lied to him, why so stupid?

Then we’re taken to the next scene in which Bong Ki is back from that date with Gook Do’s girlfriend, and Bong Soon is planning on going to the movies, of course our dear Min Hyuk was going to butt in.

But first he makes a call to one of his elder brothers and tells him to warn the other 2 brothers, and says “FINALLY” that he has been threatened by someone and he will take revenge if this keeps going.

He then remembers how he was bullied badly as a kid by 2 of his elder brothers and how one the 3rd brother stood up for him, it makes you seriously sympathize with his character, he is clearly not over the bullying he’s seen as a kid.

Then our four characters go the movies and have fun around and then head to the bar for more fun, we see how Min Hyuk is clearly falling harder for Bong Soon.

Seeing her dance on a poll and being all cute, he spends his time starring at her, before she “of course” does something stupid and breaks the poll with her bare hands causing chaos.

In the next scene we see Bong Soon waking up from a very bad hangover, and is scolded by her mother for being very drunk and calling Min Hyuk gay and asking of him to come out to the world about it.

She then proceeds to threaten to kill him if he dares touch Gook Do’s butt, which made me laugh, of course she’s very embarrassed and doesn’t know what to do.

The sweet bipolar Min Hyuk then calls her and sort of calms her down and tells her to take her time when coming to work sort of giving her the green light that he won’t be nagging about her embarrassing him in front of her mother.

We’re then given more information about the killer and another missing skinny girl, we see him waking her up to drug her with something that would calm her down, which is stupid! why not just do whatever you wanted to do without the need to wake her up and make her scream uselessly if you were gonna inject her with something anyway?

God “face palm”! The writer seriously needs to work on his horror writing skills, we then clearly see that he is looking for a third wife for whatever purpose that is.

You see that he likes skinny girls for some reason and therefore only feeds them once a day and we also see the other girl dressed in a white dress eating whatever is on the plate, whilst the other girl screaming, seems like that girl already lost her mind.

The last scene is a very worrisome scene; Bong Soon again rubs shoulders with the criminal and hears his voice when he says sorry as she remembers that it was his voice, the idea of him being around her scares her.

So that was it for the 4th episode of strong woman Do Bong Soon recap.

It was fun to watch, I think it was by far the most entertaining episode as well.

Usually I judge a drama after watching 4 episodes of it.

Strong woman Do Bong Soon is an okay drama, not THAT good, and not THAT bad, it’s a so-so, and the writer is clearly inexperienced and cannot work well with horror themes.

Its not the most suspenseful drama there is, it has many flaws in its script, and many confusing scenes, but the chemistry of the main cast as well as the adorableness that is Park Bo Young makes up for it.

I wouldn’t recommend you watch it unless you’re a fan of any of the main leads, or love a good laugh and romantic comedies that are full with clichés and fail to make sense.

To me the writer seems like he is torn about what he has to put to make this drama interesting, I would have preferred he didn’t go with that murder thing and instead focused much more on Min Hyuk’s case of blackmail, which would’ve made the drama more convincible and less mind boggling.

It would have also made the writer seem less flawed, and the drama much more interesting, the writer is trying to focus on too much, and not giving each and ever side story its time to shine, it takes you in and out of scary threatening scene so fast you wouldn’t know how to react to it.

Should you be laughing? Should you be crying? Scared maybe?

I don’t know how to feel with the drama editing, its mind boggling, they need to work on that, I don’t think that suspenseful element meshes well with romantic comedies.

So what did you guys think of it? did you like this episode? would you recommend  this drama to your friend?



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