I am back again with Strong woman Do Bong Soon episode 3 recap.

Strong woman Do Bong Soon is still on a roll, just as expected, last night episode rated 6%, it managed to break through the 5% mark and is continuing to lead, and its competing very well with other public channels tv shows which align with the air time of the drama.

Many congrats to Park Bo Young unnie and to the rest of the cast, the drama is a blast.

I did a recap and a slight review of last week episode 1, and episode 2.

Today I will be talking episode 3 recap.

The plot is taking shape and is becoming more and more interesting, with some slight side plots here and there.

I am amazed as always by the strength of Park Bo Young character, and I love how cute and adorable she is, she is by far the most entertaining character in the whole drama.


It begins with an alteration between the two male leads who fight for Bong Soon, and with Min Hyuk uttering some pretty concerning sentences, Gook Do has no intention of keeping Bong Soon is that creepy rich guy house.


This as I said previously is pretty understandable, after a small altercation he decides to let them be, and ends up leaving.

We learn more about Min Hyuk character this episode,  a lot more about him and why he might be so cocky and slightly arrogant and annoying and how his past was.

We also learn more about when did Bong Soon start liking Gook Do and we find out more about how he used to live in Gangnam which is a pretty rich area in Seoul, which indicates he used to be rich but something must’ve happen which lead him to come to this school in the poor neighborhood Bong Soon lived in.


She has liked him since the 6th grade, that’s a LONG LONG time, which leads me into a serious question, how come he has never noticed the way she looks at him or how much she cares for him, they practically knew each other for the past 10 years and you’re telling she liked him and still likes him?

That’s a lot, by now I would assume she either moved on or hinted at him, which makes me a little upset that Gook Do can be so dense and slightly ignorant.

What also makes me laugh is how all of that is going to change, because of course the writer is aiming for the 2 main lead to end up together, so the writer will want us to believe in the near future that Bong Soon will suddenly start liking Minhyuk…. After ALLL those years she had had a crush on Gook Do.

The first part of the episode focuses on reminiscing of the past and the two leads enjoying their time together, and I honestly would love to see them remain friends, they look so lovely as friends bickering all the time.

A very annoying scene then appears in which Minhyuk sleeps next to Bong Soon side on the couch, I just really thought that scene was useless, annoying and slightly concerning.


I know that Bong Soon is more than capable of defending herself, but this seems like a form of sexual harassment to me, there is no logic behind why on hell did he end up there beside her.

It seems like it’s the writer way of trying to create more interaction with the main leads, but I don’t think he needed to do that or write that scene, we can see they’re getting close by all those other scenes you wrote.

She then wakes up and cooks him breakfast to which of course he ends up complaining about but eats out of courtesy, and then suddenly he brings up her crush and talks about his hips….


I was like “totally agree with you Minhyuk… all of us fangirls are also crazy about Jisoo”

But what I don’t understand yet is why on earth is he speaking of Gook Do? is it to tease her? Is he really gay?

But we all know he isn’t and we all know he’ll end up falling for Bong Soon if he isn’t already, why on earth is the writer writing this? It doesn’t make any sense? Minhyuk and Gook Do are not yet friends and they’re always glaring at one another at every chance they meet, why are you making Minhyuk talk about Gook Do in such a manner?

I don’t understand the direction the writer is going with here, what is he aiming for when trying to convince the people in the drama that he is gay, but then confirming to the viewers that he is not….

She and Minhyuk then go to bust the guy with the motor bicycle and soon find out that he had nothing to do with it, and his motor bic was stolen.


Of course Bong Soon ends up hurting him unintentionally and its slightly funny seeing her beat up all those ahjussis throughout the drama.


Then they go to the police station and give their testimonies to Gook Do and try to steer away from mentioning anything about Minhyuk trouble, because of course as he has said almost 100 times already, he really doesn’t like the police.


It was only a matter of time before Bong Soon hurt Min Hyuk and it was really funny and entertaining to watch that happen, a part of me was waiting for that scene.

Then we’re taken to another scene in which Gook Do is waiting for his lover who is suffering from her hands “she plays Cello” and he takes her to Bong Soon twin brother hospital to get a checkup.

I can sense that they’re not that close and a part of me tells me that it wasn’t long since they started dating, he is slightly awkward around her, always sorry, and I don’t see any chemistry.


I won’t judge now until I know more about their background together, I want to know if Jisoo was being awkward intentionally or it was because of the script, we’re yet to find out.

Of course our baby CEO is going to act like a brat who’s been hurt badly only because his toe is slightly broken, so he continues to boss her around.

She then ends up seeing her brother, she soon finds out Gook Do is here with his girlfriend.

The next scene is really sad, and I really feel sorry for her character, she had had a crush on him for so long and it must hurt to see him around his girlfriend.


I must say I really like her brother character and would love to see more of him in this drama and I am glad the writer is going in that direction, but I was slightly confused by the scene of Gook Do girlfriend and her brother.

Sparks flies as he touches her hands, and they seem like they’re about to fall in love with each other.


I was saddened by that scene, primarily because I can already tell, Gook Do girlfriend is going to cheat on him with Bong Soon little brother and Bong Soon is probably gonna fall in love with Min Hyuk and Gook Do is going to end up all alone. 🙁

She ends up having a little altercation with Gook Do and I think for the first time EVER she yells at him because he is always yelling at her and being overly protective of her when she is only his friend not girlfriend.


Of course Min Hyuk then interferes and takes away Bong Soon.

The next scene Bong Soon leaves back for her house to change up and wash up and then head back and of course “as expected” she didn’t inform him, which takes me back into one of my previous complaints of why the hell is Bong Soon so disrespectful towards Minhyuk!!


I mean it wouldn’t hurt to just call and let him know; he brings my concerns up and asks her why she has no curtesy.

When someone is paying you so much money 60K to be precise you better show some respect….

The next scene we see the BIG BOSS of the gang Bong Soon beat up last time visiting his gang members and we notice that Min Hyuk actually knows that person, which links back to how Min Hyuk said his father used to be a thug.


The BIG BOSS talks about how embarrassed he is that they got beaten up and puts up two choices on the table, they either convert her to their side or finish her.

Suddenly after this scene, I had this very serious thought going through my head, if Bong Soon is always beating up people left and right and she can protect herself well it’s still dangerous to do so.

What I mean by that is if she beats up the wrong people, those people can easily track her whereabouts, her family, and harm not only her but her family as well if takes.

Physical strength is not everything and it certainly can’t solve every problem, in my opinion it has created more problems to Bong Soon than it had solved and I can tell by only watching 3 episodes.

The BIG BOSS “if you’re a kdrama fan you already know him to be the secretary of the hospital in romantic doctor teacher kim” doesn’t suit the role, and I honestly can’t take him seriously, whats up with the eyeliner and the obviously expensive clothes and that aura of him that seems more comical than serious?

I think the casting choice of him is wrong here, he just doesn’t give off that crazy scary thug vibe, and that eyeliner is not solidifying anything. I don’t know if the casting is intentional and its meant to be slightly comical or if it’s a mishap.

In the next scene we’re suddenly taken into Min Hyuk parents’ house, and he is asking Bong Soon to try and identify the criminal out of the 3 suspects “his half-brothers”.

The scene introduces the 3 brothers, the step mother and the very stereotypical angry CEO father. He then suddenly appoints his youngest son as the CEO of the company “the mother company”.


This doesn’t make any sense, all Min Hyuk does is play around, spend loads of cash on useless things, shop around and yet he gets to be the future CEO, how on earth?

And one more thing, Bong Soon is in no way a trained profiler or a detective or any of this sort, this scene was so stupid to have included Bong Soon in it!

I would have preferred her not coming with him because why the hell would she? Its not like anyone is going to try to kill him in front of his father, and its not like she has a keen eye and can know who the killer is, he could’ve showed her the profile of each one of his brother if he had to.

That was in my opinion one of the worst scenes in the 3rd episode, if not the worst, very stereotypically annoying, all it does is introduce the family members in the most comical way possible, and it includes Bong Soon which was so useless.

He hired her because of her strength, it’s not like she is a genius or smart enough to know who could be threatening him, he is far more genius and devious than her.

Why on earth is he asking for her help to find the identity of who did it when did such a good job profiling the serial killer on the loose in the drama? “Mind blowing”

The next scene is also very annoying, it features her mother persisting her to sleep with Min Hyuk, her mother disgust me to be honest with you, how can a mother be so open and easily hand in her daughter to just about anyone who’s a CEO?


How could it be so easy for her to throw her daughter to someone who they think is gay? I know such mother do exist in real life and to me it clearly classifies as a bully mother who does not know how to treat her daughter.

By far the most annoying character in the whole drama is the mother, she bullies her daughter, always calling her useless, abusing her into cooking and doing the chores of the house, asking her to sleep with a total stranger and hitch him…..

This is emotional abuse and in America such children subjected to this form of degrading abuse from their parent receive treatment.

I am surprised Bong Soon is actually not less confident, and didn’t turn out to be a psycho or a bully or a jealous monster of her twin brother…

Gook Do girlfriend then obviously hits on Bong Soon twin brother, calls in and invites him for lunch, why on earth would you do that? It doesn’t make any sense, it’s not like when any doctor does his job the patients should be treating him for lunch… so shameless… poor Gook Do he is in for a surprise…


And besides, Gook Do girlfriend could’ve done this any other way, if she is attracted to him she wouldn’t be so obvious, Gook Do will find out so fast that she met up with Bong Soon brother, she tries to force herself so much on him in the stupidest way possible.

The last scene of the 3rd episode is the most interesting one, the serial killer is back at it and has kidnapped another woman and he lets her loose and allows her to escape only to try and hunt her down as if she was some sort of an animal.


The criminal still strikes me as this very stupid character, why on earth is he letting her run off by stopping the car in the middle of the street in the middle of the neighborhood? Why so stupid?

Anyone could have seen him and the victim and called in for the police, it was such a stupidly illustrated scene, I can clearly tell the writer isn’t experienced in writing horror or crime related dramas and thought of adding that to the drama just to spice it up, I wish he could put more effort into making better scary scenes, or at least try to make it more convincing and less stupid…

Its ends with the note of Bong Soon hearing the screams of the kidnapped woman, and we’re left with a cliffhanger.

So that was it for the 3rd episode recap of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

It was fun to watch at times and slightly confusing at others, I still have lots of questions not answered, but we’re getting there.

I like the pacing of this drama, and the chemistry of all the whole cast.

I am thou a bit annoyed by their choice of the gang boss, I don’t think that actor fits the role perfectly, he fails to scare me, I am in no way scared by him, he doesn’t give off the feel of a gang boss.

I am also again annoyed by the mother character and wish she would get hit by a bus or something, how about she stops bullying Bong Soon for a change? God!! she is annoying.

So what did you guys think of the 3rd episode? Did you like it? did it live up to your expectations?



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