Haven’t we all been waiting for this? The ones of us who didn’t even know he wasn’t a part of YG already? And those who were shocked he wasn’t a part of it to begin with?

At last our favorite model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk joins one of the BIGGEST entertainment companies of South Korea.

This is a game changer for Lee Soo Hyuk, and a very good turning point.

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According to Soompi a source from YG said:

 “Through enthusiastically sharing feelings with Lee Soo Hyuk, we will do our best to support him so that he can be able to participate in fresh and extensive activities.”

He has officially joined today, the 3rd of March and YG announced that in a beautiful poster as you guys see below.

Lee Soo Hyuk has been a part of some very good and some not so very good Korean dramas, recently in the man in our house, in which he stars alongside one of his own BFFs Kim Young Kwang, the drama was not received so well and suffered bad ratings.

But I am glad this didn’t stop YG for pushing forward with their decision of having Lee Soo Hyuk become a part of the family.

A little background check on Lee Soo Hyuk is in order

He started out as a model back in 2006, which is more than 10 years ago; he went to appear on to cover many popular worthy magazines including GQ, ELLE and more.

He starred in 2 2ne1’s music video called “it hurts” and “falling in love”. He is a very good friend of Gdragon, CL and T.O.P as well.

He knows and is friends with so many YG artists, and I naturally “like many other”s assumed he was already a part of YG.

No one knows exactly how he became friends with Gdragon or CL but I am assuming that he became closer to CL after filming a music video with the former group, but there are some very old photos of Gdragon hanging with Lee Soo Hyuk, they’re old friends.

He has the swag of YG entertainment and I think he will fit in perfectly.

This decision he made is probably his best yet, and he has yet to make an outstanding drama.

He has been the second male lead of so many dramas for the past 2 to 3 years and has never been able to fully cross over into the first male lead.

His other friends including Kim Young Kwang, Kim Woo Bin, and Lee Soo Hyuk all successfully jumped from modeling to acting, but that is yet to happen to Lee Soo Hyuk.

He has done many forgettable roles as the second male lead; by far his most interesting second male lead role was in Scholar who walks the night alongside my dear Lee Jun Ki, in which he appears to be the bad guy, I liked that, it suits him a lot, it was interesting watching him become a vampire.

I think he’s a good actor, but I would love it if he refuses to play all those very stereotypical second male leads no one’s gonna remember.

He could really use a HUGE role, he needs a life-changing role, he needs to take on a daring role, and try his hand in something so extreme that will manage to draw the public attention towards him.

He will join many other talented YG actors, including his friend Lee Jong Suk,  Choi Ji Woo, Yoo In Na, Lee Sung kyung, Nam Joo Hyuk and many many others.

Although I am not a fan of YG marketing strategy for his idol groups, I am a fan of the work he puts in to his actors, because unlike singers, actors can be easily replaced from the scene if they don’t work on one or two projects a year to solidify their status.

I hope that with this decision he’ll be able to take on better more challenging roles, because I know he can do it, many congrats to him, YG just gained another good actor.

So what do you guys think of Lee Soo Hyuk’s decision of joining YG? Do you think he suits YG style?