7 idol-turned-actors and actresses who need more attention

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It has become the trend these recent years, many idols are shifting into acting, whether they be of a popular kpop group or not, everyone is trying their hands in acting.

More and more idols are shifting into acting, and some have abandoned singing to acting, I previously talked about this in more details and discussed the reasons as to why idols are shifting into acting, you can read about it here.

I also discussed the best idol turned actors in my opinion; you can find the list here. 

But today I want to shed the light on 7 idols who are amazing actors that are going your radar.

This is going to be a mixed list of male and female idols, but I will start with the boys first.

  • SHINee’s Key.

I was pretty shocked when I saw drinking solo and saw some clips of his acting, SHINee’s fans were pretty happy with this performance and they should.

He is a very good actor who doesn’t appear to be awkward on screen; he portrayed his character so well and managed to convince me and everyone else that he wasn’t an idol but an actor.

He certainly deserves more attention from everyone and I think he will continue to showcase his amazing skills in upcoming projects.

  • SHINee’s Minho

We don’t only have one good actor in SHINee, but two actually.

Minho managed to capture my heart back in 2015.

You’d be shocked to know that I came to learn of Minho’s acting chops not in his drama with Sulli, but in a web drama.

It was by accident that I stumbled upon this drama; it was starring Minho and Park So Dam, it’s called “because it’s the first time”.

Its about 6 young friends who all struggle with their daily lives, and Minho plays this rich boy who uses his money to help out his friends in need but ends up being misunderstood for that.

Its actually a really good web drama, I was pretty shocked when I saw it, I completed the whole drama in one setting, each episode is about 10 minutes long, but I loved it.

Minho is actually a good actor, I was shocked, he didn’t have that aura to begin with, but his performance in “because it’s the first time” changed my mind.

He recently starred in the historical drama Hwarang as one of the leads; I heard he did pretty well.

I didn’t watch that drama because I honestly don’t like historical dramas, but I’m totally in to watch any of modern-day Minho’s dramas.

  • 2PM’s Junho

Everyone is always gushing about Taecyeon’s acting chops, but very few people stop and see Junho’s amazing acting skills.

I fell in love with Junho’s charisma ever since I saw him in “Twenty” beside Kim Woo Bin and Kang Ha Neul.

Currently he is starring in the very popular office drama “Chief Kim” and he is gaining the recognition he deserves.

To me he is by far the best 2PM actor, and one of the best JYP actors or idol-turned actors to date.

He is a gem and he portrays the protagonist character so beautifully in Chief Kim, he has a nice aura to him and he looks so cool while doing so.

I highly recommend you check out Chief Kim and the movie Twenty.

He only recently started acting in 2015, and he is already making waves, I hope he reaches the recognition he deserve, he is seriously such a good actor, I am hoping he snags an award by the end of this year for his performance in Chief Kim.

  • Super Junior’s Yesung

We all know Super Junior Siwon, he is a good actor and very well-known and respected in that field, people didn’t know Yesung could act and I was one of them.

I just finished watching VOICE and may I fangirl for a moment?

I was such a huge fan of this amazing drama, it is by far one of the best this year, I even wrote an article about how much I love VOICE and why you should be watching it as well, check it out here. 

The surprise of this drama was Yesung. As you guys know many idols that start acting start weak, but this was not the case with Yesung.

Yesung blew me away, I can’t believe it, I didn’t know Super Junior had such an amazing hidden gem, where was he all that time?

There is one particular scene in the drama of voice that sent shivers down my spine, it was only 20 minutes or so, but Yesung managed to shut down all the haters questioning his acting abilities.

He even received credit and the public attention as well after that episode, he pulled it off so well, if you didn’t know super junior you’d probably be convinced he was an actor himself not an idol.

It was a very difficult scene to pull, not just any idol can pull that, I was worried when I found out he was cast in VOICE because I was afraid he’s ruin the drama with his bad acting “we’ve all seen that happen with many idols before, don’t deny it”, but he managed to turn me into a fan, I cannot wait to check out his new projects and wish him all the best, I highly recommend you check out Voice as well, you’ll soon come to love him as an actor.

  • Former Kara member Youngji

We all were pretty sad when we found out that Kara was disbanding, it was sad news that lead our dear young Youngji to switch into acting variety.

That was for the best actually, Youngji, my friends is a good actress.

There is a good amount of actresses who are idols that still suck at acting you probably already know who I am talking about ;), but today we’re talking about Youngji’s acting chops.

Youngji appeared in her first ever drama Another Oh Hae Young last year, Another Oh Hae Young was huge success and prompted her to stardom and acknowledgment in the acting world.

She was the crazy girlfriend of main lead younger brother, and she had many kiss scenes with that actor, I actually didn’t find them awkward.

She impressed everyone with her acting skills, she was a natural in the drama, I absolutely loved her in the drama, she received credit for her passion and the amazing kissing scenes she pulled off so effortlessly in the drama.

If you didn’t know Kara or followed Kara’s last activities then you probably wouldn’t even suspect Youngji to be an idol.

I do think she has the talent for it, and I hope she continues to appear in more dramas and movies.

She is still at the beginning of her career and she has a lot more to show, best of luck to this cutie.

  • SNSD Yuri

Please don’t kill me when I tell you this, I think Yuri is better than Yoona acting wise.

Everyone knows that Yoona is the female to go to if you want a pretty idol-turned-actress, but that has been changing for the past two years, Yuri has been gaining more and more recognition for her efforts.

She is currently starring in the mega hit drama “Defendant” and has been cast in another lead role only a couple of days ago, she is making waves you guys.

I am not a huge fan of Yoona’s acting, but I think she improved quite a bit over the past couple of years, and I liked her performance in the k2 alongside my love Ji Chang Wook, but she wasn’t always that good. “it’s okay we all know that, even she admitted that”

It was nice seeing Yoona evolve but it was also nice to learn that we have another good actress in SNSD and her name is Yuri.

I don’t follow SNSD at all, so I wouldn’t know much about Yuri as a person, but I can tell she can act.

She is a natural, she doesn’t appear to be awkward on screen, and she does her job pretty well, she matches the vibes of Ji Sung in the Defendant pretty well.

Ji Sung is a veteran, and not just any idol can match him or even look good acting beside him, so I was not so happy they casted Yuri in the drama at first, but when I saw her performance I was less worried.

The drama is seriously amazing and it’s nearing the 30% ratings mark which is HUGE in Korea, and Yuri is a part of that success.

Yuri would have created problems for the cast and team of the drama if she was a bad actress, because its such a serious drama that cannot handle a bad actor, it can ruin the whole mood of the drama and its such a good script with many twists and turns so of course the director and writer would carefully choose the lead actress.

Yuri has been in some kdramas over the past few years, but mostly making cameo appearances, I am glad she is making such progress in this drama proving to everyone that she is a good actress.

She definitely deserves more attention from kdrama fans and kpop fans in general for her amazing acting skills.

  • SNSD’s Sooyoung

And last but not least “not at all” is our dear Sooyoung.

Sooyoung is another member of SNSD, also a good actress.

I haven’t seen any of her past dramas, she was in “dating agency Crayno” as the female lead, I started watching it but quit suddenly, I don’t even remember why 🙁

She was in many kdramas as a cameo similar to Yuri’s case, but she has been solidifying her status as an actress recently.

I loved her in “38 task force” alongside Seo In Guk my love, she was such a natural, and did pretty good in the drama.

The drama was well received and I am glad it did, it brought Sooyoung’s acting skills to light.

I thought there would be more people talking about Sooyoung’s or Yuri’s acting skills but I didn’t find any, the focus is always on Yoona’s acting skills, not that it’s a bad things.

But I do believe we have another 2 amazing actress in SNSD, and I do believe they deserve more recognition for their efforts.

And I am a fan of her, she has such a nice aura to her, she is by far the most attractive SNSD member, at least that’s my opinion, but if I had to pick the best actress of SNSD, I will surely choose Yuri. “Not biased”

So those were the 7 idol turned actors and actress who deserve more spotlight, which one is your favourite? And do you think any other idol should be on that list? Let me know I might end up writing a second list later on 😉

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