So I am back again recapping the second episode of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, today we shall discuss the huge developments that happened in the 2nd episode and talk or rant a little about the clichés I saw today.

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Good news kdrama chingus, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon broke its previous record in ratings and rated 5.7% breaking all JTBC records of all time and becoming the first JTBC drama to rate so high on its second episode.

I saw that one coming, its your basic adorable kdrama and in last night’s recap, I did say we were gonna see the rating jump higher, but I am quiet shocked it jumped so high, and kinda happy as well.

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon is a mix of romantic comedy and plain horror psychological thrillers, it’s a very weird mix, and here is the funny part, I actually like it.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon didn’t warn the fans about how graphic and disturbing it was shaping to be. The second episode confirms this weird mix even more, with another assault that will send shivers down your spine. “or excite you like me ;)”

It starts with the main character Min Hyuk basically begging for Bong Soon attention, asking her to sit down and eat with him, and interrupts her when she watching out for him since she’s supposed to be his bodyguard.

This confirms my initial speculations, Min Hyuk obviously has some sort of a crush on her, and he wants her to seduce him or at least pay attention to him, he spends the vast majority of the second episode basically hinting at that, besides weirding her out with his psychopathic remarks, we’ll get to that later.

He keeps repeating “its your job, make sure you protect me” and I am like “duh! Do you have to repeat it every in every single scene you’re in? We know!! for god’s sake stop saying so, and allow her to focus on her job…”

There is also something that I am not really understanding, and that is how rude our dear Bong Soon is to Min Hyuk, he is supposedly your boss and you should protect him “duh!” and be more focused and willing to put your life on the line for it, but she seems like she is very careless and for some very weird reason not that scared or cautious around him.

What I mean is, shouldn’t she be a bit tenser around him? Or at least a little more professional? I don’t know, its just my opinion here.

She then follows him around as he goes shopping and showing off how rich and capable he really is. He makes her carry the bags and drags her around when he clearly should be focused on running the big company everyone keeps talking about.

Which leads me to my second complaint of this drama, if the company is as big as they made it out to be, then he shouldn’t be hanging around doing this, without having another figure backing him out, which kdramas usually have, you’ll understand why I am saying this as you read further. There is no one backing him out or running the scenes behind, and the drama doesn’t even bother showing us that.

The devil following him then shows up, luckily for our main lead he follows him with his drown and takes a picture of the license plate, which makes me wonder about this very important thing!

He has been going through this for about 2 months, 2 months of threats, blackmailing and stalking, this is a serious issue, if he doesn’t trust police as he says then he should either hire someone to track that man down, or consult a family member, or even pull a string or two and ask for a favour from the chief of police which he seemed to know “whom he visited when wanting to know Bong Soon phone number”.

I know I am knit picking here, but the basic plot reasoning for why our both main leads are this tangled is because of this matter, and it does not make sense that he wouldn’t have tried taking actions before those 2 months.

Then on to the next big scene, in which your typical jerk kdrama mom points out how Bong Soon should hold on to that man she is working for, and then when Bong Soon tries to explain that he might be gay, she still insists that she should hold on to him, I honestly dislike the mother character, not because she is mean, but because she is too damn stereotypical for my taste.

Only 25% over the second episode the second attempted murder or kidnapping occurs, suddenly the mood of the drama changes completely into a dark one.

Shortly after the crazy guy shows up and tries to beat a woman and kidnap her, luckily a by passer saw him and she was saved… for a couple of days

Which brings me into an important point here, that girl knew murders were happening in the neighbourhood, she has probably heard of it, why the hell is she walking late at night alone in the ally, and why the hell is the police so lazy? Shouldn’t they be a bit more careful or warn the citizens of the place or something? Like they do in other kdramas? You see everyone going crazy about this serial killer and being overly protective!

Despite what had happened earlier that day and with that girl being beaten up to near death, our main lead is still walking around the neighbourhood AT NIGHT with her friend, a friend whom we know nothing about really, she just suddenly pops up into the drama and is probably gonna be your typical kdrama main lead friend, who always say the same lines and be the main lead buddy.

Again our bong soon saves another victim, scares some bullies and hurt them a bit.

Then we’re taken to the next VERY BIG scene which will set the mood for the rest of the drama, our bong soon goes to the hospital to see the secretary who she hurt, and by coincidence meets our dear Kook Do.

The killer at this point is trying his best to take back the girl he almost beat to death by disguising as this doctor, going to great lengths to get her out of the hospital, this makes the drama even more interesting because of the quirky, weird, psychotic slightly dumb character the killer really is, a bit delusional a bit crazy but a great bad guy character, I like how the writer made sure we’re gonna be anxious and slightly disgusted by that killer.

Our dear Bong Soon is then placed under protection program because the killer has seen her face and will probably try to go after her. It’s a bit funny since we know how strong she is.

My problem with the killer

It’s a bit weird, they try to convince the viewers that the killers is almighty, and clever, but what I see is clumsy work, I see him rushing into the hospital so carelessly and barely gets away with the girl body, if our Kook Do would have alerted the hospital guards sooner he would have probably been caught.

They tell you he is clever and he uses his brain, but that doesn’t make any sense, he then appears to want to drug the girl, and keep her as a “wife” which tells us he has some serious mental issues.

Now since he owns this drug, I either assume he knows about drugs well, or he is a doctor, but if that’s the case, he should have been able to kidnap the girls with more creative psychopathic ways, he can use the knowledge base he has on drugs and come up with a better way, a way he won’t have to harm the girls with or draw attention to himself by the police.

He appears so clumsy and so stupid, at least he does to me, the drama efforts of trying to make him appear as this clever killer, is not working…

The next morning our dear Bong Soon goes to work and tells Min Hyuk she was there when the kidnapping happened, then we see something very very interesting, I like such twists and turns.

We see some worrisome signs from our dear main lead, Min Hyuk then utters some very seriously clever lines about the nature of the killer nailing the description way better than any police officer in this drama has even attempted to try.

He then says a very strangely pleasing line: “My dream was to be a culprit when I was young”.

Which probably indicates he either wanted one of his half-brothers dead “he mentions a bit about his family background later on” or he wanted his father or step mother dead, which tells me there is more to this cliché character than what meets the eye.

That line and that scene was by far the best scene involving the main lead, in which he didn’t appear as your stereotypical main rich chaebol, I like suspense.

Then we see the police officer who is supposed to protect Bong Soon arriving and we see how annoyed Min Hyuk becomes by his presence, he seems very annoyed and slightly uncomfortable around him, he clearly wants to be left alone with his “so called” bodyguard.

Then we move forward to another vey scary scene involving more information about the killer on the loose. I kinda like how the drama switches between slightly disturbing and slightly romantic moments.

Stranger danger! the next scene shows the police officer getting stabbed by someone, which is clearly not the psycho killer, but the one after MinHyuk.

This will build up to the very important plot point that the drama will be focusing on. I was wondering why Kook Do didn’t protect Bong Soon after he saw that happen, I thought the writer would immediately set up the mood for that to happen.

But I was wrong and the writer; in attempts to make the reasoning behind why those 3 will be in a love triangle more convincing; uses this stabbing incident a sign to drive Kook Do to protect his dear high school friend.

And then comes my LEAST FAOVRITE SCENE so far, I just cringed so hard when I saw that line, I was like “not again, not that same cliché line”

You all know that many kdramas include our main leads to be signed in some sort of a contract, and I was wondering and hoping he won’t bring up the contract when he tries to force her to do something she is against.

In this very annoying cling worthy scene we see Min Hyuk begging her to stay at his house for the time being and then threatening with a clause from the contract which states she should follow his lead and say yes to whatever he says.

But then of course she’d end up saying “YES”, which seems a bit absurd, I mean I would be slightly more annoyed than her if I was asked by my boss to go to his house, we all know what that means 😉

She says her family is conservative, and then so suddenly changes her mind and agrees to sleep at his house the night, only a couple of lines managed to convince her to stay at his house…. UGHH

And then comes what we’ve all been waiting for and expecting….. a confrontation scene. Ohhh that annoying useless wrist grab.

Please take another look at the photo above, Bong Soon has this sort of sorry face, slightly worried about them both clashing like that because of her, ohhh poor Bong Soon, going from not having any man interested in her into having two hunks fighting for her and doing that famous wrist grab scene.

I was so annoyed by this scene and with Min Hyuk saying “I need her tonight” makes him sound like a total pervert and I couldn’t agree more with Kook Do for wanting to take her out from that house.

So this concludes the second episode recap of Do Bong Soon.

This episode had some good parts and some very bad parts, I liked the scenes involving the tense killer character.

I am still sadly not that impressed with this drama, however I do wish it succeeds in the rating battle, it’ll probably be breaking more records, and I am a huge fan of the whole cast, I would love to see the drama succeed, even thou I don’t think its anything special.

There are many plot holes here and there, the more you concentrate the more you find, but it does not insult your brain too much, which is important!

So what did you guys think? Did you like the second episode? How much would you rate it out of 10?

I will be back next week with strong woman Do Bong Soon 3rd and 4th episode recap, see you then.


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