14 interesting facts you need to know about the cast of strong woman Do Bong Soon


Strong woman Do Bong Soon airs this friday, and what better way to get everyone pumped for the drama than to share some interesting facts about its cast, so today I’ll be talking about 30 interesting facts you need to know about the cast of strong woman Do Bong Soon

come to think about it, this is our first facts article of this year, last year I’ve published more than 24 fact videos of the trendiest Korean dramas into my youtube channel, you can check the full playlist here.

I am a strong fan of Park Bo Young unnie, she is so adorable and easy going and seems like a very easy to approach type of person, I first caught a glimpse of her in the movie A warewolf boy.

This drama also marks the comeback of Hyung Sik one of my favourite idol turned actors, and my dear Jiso, who is everywhere these days “literally”, so let’s talk about these interesting facts you need to know about its cast, and then discuss my initial expectations of the drama.

Park Bo Young is a child actress

Who here knew that ori unnie debuted as a child actress?

She has made her official debut back in 2006 in the drama secret campus, whats even more interesting that, Lee Minho was her costar in that drama, long before he became the hallyu star he is today.

This means Park Bo Young has a very strong resume in her hands and a very good acting experience; she has been gaining recognition steadily for her acting in recent years.

And whats even more interesting, she is close to Lee Minho and calls him oppa, which is nice to see since they have done 2 other dramas together as well.

Oh my ghost marked her first comeback to a drama in 6 years

The last drama Park Bo Young was in was back in 2009 in star’s lover, and since then she has focused solely on movies and only back in 2015 did she decide it was about time she goes back to the small screen.

And she chose “oh my ghost” as her role, which of course gained very good reviews from both fans and critics, and was honestly one of my favorite kdramas of 2015.

Park Bo Young can sing

Isn’t it nice when you know that your favourite oppa or unnie are not only good actors but good singers?

I have been pleasantly surprised over the years when I heard some good OSTs from dramas to only discover that an actor from the drama has sang it, our dear Park Bo Young can sing and she has sung an OST for her popular movie “A warewolf boy”.

You can check out the video here

Park Bo Young was once the highest paid actress in tvN’s history

Back in 2015 and when Park Bo Young has decided it was time to go back to the small screen, tvN has welcomed her with arms wide open and offered her a role she couldn’t deny, she was offered around 30,000$ per episode for her drama “oh my ghost” which made her the highest paid Korean actress of tvN’s history back in 2015.

Of course that record was soon broken by the great Jeon do Yeon for her role in the Korean remake of the good wife, she received around 79,000$ per episode.

Park Bo Young has been in 2 very successful Korean movies.


Part of the reason Park Bo Young switched into doing movies for so long was because she was doing great in them.

The movie scandal makers made an astonishing amount of money in the Korean box office and became one of the highest grossing movies of its time.

And if you think you’ve seen her somewhere else but you can’t remember, that’s probably because you saw her in the movie a warewolf boy alongside the great Song Joongki which also made a huge amount of money.

It was also dubbed one of the biggest Korean movies of 2012, and drew more than 7 million people into theatres, and launched Park Bo Young to stardom and hallyu status.


Park Bo Young first EVER kiss scene was with Jo Jung Suk


Its weird to know that Park Bo Young has never filmed a kiss scene before 2015. But it seemed like she managed to dodge that up until her drama oh my ghost aired in 2015, and she filmed her first EVER public kiss scene.

Now that’s a way to go, lucky girlll, Jo Jung Suk is a good start 😉

Park Hyung Sik is actually 1 year younger than Park Bo Young

Who would have thought that this was the case?

The two main cast are 1 year apart in age, and it turns out Park Bo Young is one year old than Park Hyung Sik, Park Hyung Sik was born in 1991, while Park Bo young was born in 1990.

Who would have through that Park Bo Young was a 90s liner?

Park Hyung Sik is considered one of the best idol-turned actors

There are many idol-turned actors nowadays, its like a second profession, every idol will try their best luck in snatching a drama role in hopes of establishing a solo career.

I have talked about the reasons why idols would do in my previous article, which you can check out here, and I also talked about what idol-turned actors I love most, you can check out that article here. 

Park Hyung Sik is a part of the idol group ZE:A, despite that he is most known as an actor rather than a singer, he has switched into acting back in 2012, and luckily became quite successful.

Park Hyung Sik was dubbed the baby soldier by his fans

Because Park Hyung Sik has appeared in one of the most popular Korean variety shows “Real men”, he earned the title of baby soldier for his cute and innocent charms.

Who wouldn’t fall for that face?

Park Hyung Sik can sing really really well

You’d think that Park Hyung Sik is one of those idols who can act better than they can sing, but then you’d be wrong; I also thought he was not a good singer up until I heard his voice.

Not only that Park Hyung Sik can sing, but he is considered the second best singer in his group ZE:A, and is considered to have the best vocals in his group by his instructors.

Here is a video that showcases Park Hyung Sik vocal talent.

Ji Soo has only started acting back in 2012

Another late comer, Ji Soo has been in the business for about 5 years, and only recently he started gaining fame for starring in many popular Korean dramas.

In fact I have previously talked about many other interesting facts about him, in my 40 shocking facts about scarlet heart Ryeo, you can check out the video here and find out more about him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8rukgHHbaM&t=110s

But don’t worry I have other interesting facts for you to know about Jisoo. 😉

Ji Soo was a JYP actor trainee

Hmmm? Who would have known? That our dear Ji Soo was once a JYP trainee?

He used to be a JYP trainee back in 2012, but it seems like things didn’t work out and he didn’t last there, his current agency is called “Prain TTP” which is a very weird name for an agency, never heard of it before.

Ji Soo had a rough 2016 and suffered from acute osteomyelitis

Acute osteomyelitis is no joke, its an inflammation in the bone marrow and Ji Soo had a rough time because of it back in October 2016 when it was revealed he was sick.

He was then filming for a drama called fantastic, and he had to stop filming and schedule the surgery, I remember how worried I was about him back then, it was hard watching him having to go back and act after a short rest time due to his commitment in that drama.

I am glad he recovered well.

Ji Soo had done 5 dramas in 2016 alone

Can you believe it? Can you actually believe it?

I think Ji Soo is one of the few Korean actors I have seen in so many kdramas in one year, kdrama actors usually do 1 drama, or two dramas tops, in 2016 alone he was in 5 dramas, 5 you guys!

He was everywhere and it was about time he shines, he was in fantastic, scarlet heart Ryeo, and doctors crush, and page turner, and make a cameo appearance in weightlifting fairy kim bok joo.

And luckily all the dramas he has done had a good amount of success, fantastic was a huge JTBC success, and so was scarlet heart Ryeo internationally, and page turner was critics and fans favorite.

So that was it for the facts parts, time to discuss my initial expectations.

My initial expectations:

I have just read the synopsis of the drama and honestly it looks quiet boring…. Oh god!

According to encyclopedia “Do Bong-soon (Park Bo-young) is a young woman born with superhuman strength, who breaks everything she touches if she’s not careful. However, she desperately wants to become a willowy and elegant woman, which is the ideal type of her crush In Guk-doo (Ji Soo). Thanks to her strength, she gets the job of a bodyguard, to a spoiled rich heir An Min-hyuk (Park Hyung-sik), the boss of a gaming company. Opposite of Guk-doo, Min-hyuk is a crazy and odd man who is imperious and has no regard for rules.

One day, Bong-soon, Guk-doo and Min-hyuk gets caught up in a serial murder case that breaks in their neighborhood, and end up reluctantly living together for security purposes. A series of misunderstanding occur when Guk-doo mistakes Min-hyuk’s affection.”

Reading through the short description, it already sounds like about another 100 kdramas I have seen before, which is kind of annoying….

Again we have a very strong independent innocent female character who has a funny/weird trait or past, she suddenly and out of the blue meats a very rich guy and falls in a love triangle with him and another one, she goes from having no love interest into having two fighting over her at once, and she probably ends up with the rich guy no matter how much of a jerk he was.

Park Hyung Sik will play a rich heir, he has done that before in the heirs and high society, and I honestly want to see something else of him, not another rich arrogant daddy’s/mommy’s boy who has daddy/mommy issues.

Jisoo again plays a strong independent character, I honestly like his choices of character and enjoyed him in every drama he acted in 2016, it seems like he is going to be a far more interesting character than Park Hyung Sik the heir.

The script is obvious, and its clear it’s aiming to be a romantic comedy, ori Park Bo Young does well in comedies, she is a natural, but I honestly was a bit more excited before reading the synopsis of the drama.

I just wished they had a different plot for the actors, they are so talented and I wanted to see something different, I can already see where its going and how it will end.

Don’t be upset about my initial expectations, they are low because I have been watching kdramas for a while and I am a writer myself, so I can pretty much predict what will happen as the script goes by, I expect to laugh, but I honestly don’t expect the script to be of great quality.

I will probably be reviewing this drama episode by episode, it’ll be my first time EVER reviewing one drama extensively, and I will try my best not to fall out of the drama.

Its not that I hate the actors, I love them and I bet they already have good chemistry, but honestly I can’t help but be disappointed, I hope the drama proves me wrong and lures me in.

JTBC has released about a dozen teaser pictures of characters and videos and blah blah blah, I was like is this an idol group comeback or a drama? They kept teasing for the drama for so long and they started doing so so early, they even at a point released a mobile poster of the drama, why the hell would you release a mobile poster of your drama? This ain’t a kpop group JTBC!

The first script reading took place in October last year, which means they had plenty of time to shoot, which is kinda weird, why did they start shooting so early? Hmmm…

So this was it for this drama, its airing Friday this week, and fans are already super excited for it.

Let me know what you guys think, are you excited for the drama? Will you be watching it? What do you guys think of the plot?

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