20 things you need to know about kpop before becoming a kpop fan: Part 1


Kpop is a short term to Korean pop, it is still pop music but with a slight change, its Korean 😉

Now if you have already watched your first kpop video or just starting to become obsessed or even an already a longtime fan girl/boy you will relate to this article.

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Kpop is making its wave and is becoming more and more familiar each day and more people are listening to it, back in the days everyone only listened to their own country music and maybe slightly listened to English music.

In the modern post-internet era anything is possible, you can listen and watch anything you ever want from anywhere around the world with the click of a button, this includes kpop.

Kpop is dominating album sales (breaking records INTERNATIONALLY) in the billboard of USA and many other countries in Asia and Europe, drawing more and more attention.

I remember back in the days which was about 2 years ago, I saw my first kpop video which was Bigbang’s fantastic baby, at first I thought they were gay and had trouble watching the whole video of Fantastic baby, YET I came back again and watched and became addicted.

I am honestly not a huge fan of pop in general it is really too generic and can be quiet stupid and annoying, this is why I prefer rock and R&B, I like listening to sound of instruments playing and like bands in general, yet there was something about kpop that kinda amazes me.

So let’s dive in to the first part of 20 things you need to know about kpop before becoming a kpop fan:

1. You will find out that you actually have a good memory

When you get into kpop and start listening and like a certain group you will become obsessed, you will start searching them everywhere and anywhere, you will start finding out about their habits, their full REAL names, their height, their blood type basically everything about them, and you will even soon realize that maybe you should stop but you don’t.

You will search them on YouTube and you will try your best to watch each and every funny moments and appearances of them, and you’ll realize that you actually have a really good memory (if its something concerning your OPPA).

2. You will get used to new terminology to express your feelings

You will soon be exposed to new terminologies only kpop fans know of and you will use that to communicate with your friends whenever talking about your oppa.

Words such as Fandom, Oppa, Omo, Daebak are just some of the terminologies that will become a part of your daily routine.

3. You will become a stranger to sleep.


When you get into kpop and your group decided to make a comeback you will stay up late at night to catch it and since the time difference between South Korea and your country is probably more than 5 hrs, you will suffer as you stay up late waiting for a music video release or a teaser video release.

You will forget about your homework about your social life whilst trying to support your oppas with their comeback.

4. Teaser videos and photos exist and they’re everything

When you get into kpop you will realize that people often talk about teasers and you will wonder what the hell are they talking about, until you find out that to each group comeback features teaser images and videos for each member.

The teaser videos and photos are usually released before the official release of the album, it will be strange at the beginning but you will get used to it and you will love it and you will look forward to it.

You will also realize that this process can take over a week in some cases, since some groups have a lot of members, the company takes its time publishing various photo and video teasers (especially SM and YG).

In these teaser photo and videos each member will have their moment to shine, each one of them will get to show case him or herself in the teaser images.

5. Kpop bands have a lot of members

When you first get into kpop you will find out that there are groups with well over 10 members in them, now depending on where you come from this can be either very strange or a normal thing.

The number of memebers have decreased nowadays each group has an average of 5-7 members whether they were boys or girls and it costs a lot to make the groups happen.

Examples: Exo used to have 12 members, and SNSD used to have 9 members at its peak.

6. Kpop groups cost a fortune to make.

It might be strange to hear at first but it is true, wait until you see a breakdown of the numbers.

Back in 2015 USA times reported that each member of Girls generation (a very popular kpop group) have costed more than 3 millions to make.

What do they mean by that? It means that each member costed the company 3 millions to house, to eat and take care of and to train. How does this number make any sense? Lets break it down.

When you apply to a kpop company you should expect a few things, first if you pass the audition you will be admitted into a dorm in which you will be sleeping and eating (until the day your company decides to debut you) which means the company is investing in you, it pays for your accommodation, transportation, your food, and your training.

Now training here splits into soooo many categories, kpop idols take language lessons, vocal lessons, dancing lessons, acting lessons and are basically taught everything (including sex education) since most idols-to-be apply at a young age, some even enter a company from an early age such as 10 years old.

After debuting, cost doesn’t decrease, their appearances on music shows such as (music bank, or music core) and the cost of outfits (for each member could range from 500 to 1000 $),  make up (you need a makeup artist minimum 500 dollars/session) and transportation (gas money).

The company also pays fees to have their idols to appear on a music show (around 3000 to 5000 dollars to get your group to promote on music show) and that is HUGEEEE. Now multiple the cost to each member and to each day in promoting…. its a headache I know…..

So for an average kpop group of 5 members it would cost around 89,000 US dollars to promote for month. Giving that they have to promote on music shows in order to gain more attention gives more sense of why they cost so much.

Now this is why on the long run each company should really pick the best of the best and even keeps them training for sometimes what seems to be a long time before they finally debut.

7. Kpop groups contain subunits and international members.

You will get to find out that some groups have American-Korean members and some have Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese members. The biggest kpop producing companies in the world holds auditions worldwide to find the next big thing.

Some companies including SM  and JYP form sub-units or groups that contains international members, taking EXO for example who originally had 12 members half of them belonged to EXO-k which promotes the songs in Korean, and the rest half belonged to EXO-M with promotes in mandarin (Chinese, hence the M).

There is also JYP’s GOT7 foreign line Jackson, Mark, and BamBam.

There are also some kpop companies who have sub-unit specializing in certain talents (rapping unit or dancing unit or vocal unit) taking Pledis’s Seventeen as an example, Seventeen has three subunits and foreign members.

8.Training to become an idol is a long difficult road

You think its easy to become a kpop idol? Think again, its very hard and you need to train yourself to become “qualified” enough to be a kpop idol, you need to lose weight, to learn a trick or two (will tell why later in part 2).

You need to learn how to sing and dance properly which can take a long long time.

Taking Gdragon for example who is a part of the famous kpop group bigbang, who took 10 years in the training before becoming who he is today, and previously held the record of the longest idol in training.

9.You will come to stan your idol’s company.

It is funny because when you used to listen to music back in the day you couldn’t give less shit about what company that was housing your favorite singer.

Not in the kpop world, you will soon learn that companies matter, and since South Korea is family oriented and all about traditions, you will see all of a company’s idol groups coming together for a dinner or lunch or wedding ceremony of one of its members, which is not so common in the US or Europe or many other countries.

This is why you will hear that some kpop fan saying I am a YG-stan, or an SM-stan, or a JYP-stan, and you will see people being very supportive of their idol’s company.

10. Fandom wars exist and they suck.

You soon find a kpop group you like a lot and will soon become a part of its fandom (which you can register to, its called a fan-café we’ll talk about that later).

You will see people from different parts of the world fighting and cursing each other simply because they are defending or bashing idols, and it can turn into a bloody war of blocking and mentioning and on and on.

It becomes quiet annoying especially for those who were never that interested in any group or singer enough to defend them, and it can more annoying because you love them so much and hate to see anyone saying anything bad about them and you feel like killing whoever bashes you idol (which is just wrong, don’t be that obsessed).

Some fandoms are worse than others, especially if it’s a kpop group that is new and gaining recognition, and its fanbase is basically a bunch of 14 years old girls with iPhone and no manners and no parents to teach them manners.

The most notorious fanbases currently are ikon’s fanbase and BTS fanbase they are wildly hated by other fans of kpop including me for being obnoxious and disrespectful and annoying.

So there you go there were the first part, the second part will be available shortly.

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  1. I am ARMY and I know what you mean by our fanbase is the most hated fanbase 🙂 A few of us are really immature / hateful and disrespectful. I find this disgusting, for real. But please remember not everybody is like that. What I’ve seen of my fandom is that ARMYs really don’t like those those hateful “fans” of our fandom. Much love <3.

    • My gawd a.r.m.ys have the worst of it and people need to stop acting immature like just cuz bts beat Justin Bieber and shit doesn’t mean they have to complain about that shit and start fights over it cuz yeah it sucks but jb has won so many other awards he doesn’t need to win them all like ffs people

  2. Ahhh and sry I was only talking about this thingy with the fandom ^^ Your article is veery nice and I looked it up cuz I am planning to make a Video for People who doesn’t know about K-Pop or don’t understand why we like it 🙂 Your article helped me a lot. You did great 🙂

    • Glad you read it, if you’re making a youtube video of it then it’d be nice if you include reference to our article, so others also read it, thank you for reading

  3. Ummmmmmmmm… GOT7’s Mark is half Korean half American, not Chinese, Jackson is Chinese not Japanese, and Bambam is Thai not Taiwanese (this is just a correction, it’s not meant to be offensive!!)

  4. I think you got the foriegn line in got7 wrong. Jackson is not Japanese he’s Chinese. Mark is not Chinese he is american with Taiwanese decent. Bam bam is not of Taiwanese decent he is Thai.

  5. Hey, this is very good and helpful information. Before I become an enormous kpop fan I read your post and now that I have revisited I find that those things are so true!

    Well, I have a blog it’s nothing huge and I want to write a post on kpop so would you mind if I mention your post?


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